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General Information
Yuncheng University is a full-time comprehensive university registered in National Ministry of Education, providing undergraduate programs. It is situated in Yuncheng City, a city in the southwest of Shanxi Province. Yuncheng was called Hedong (the East of Yellow River) in the Chinese ancient time. It has convenient transportation and is easy to arrive at every corner of the nation, thus enjoying the honour of ¡°Golden Triangle on the Yellow River¡±. Yuncheng, one of the birthplaces of Chinese cultures, has a long history producing a galaxy of talented figures. These figures are dated to sources of Chinese agriculture, philosophy, and military. Xiezhou Guandi Temple, which is the No, 1 martial temple in China, Yongji Stork Tower, which is one of the four famous towers in China, Ruicheng Yongle (Ever Happiness) Palace, which is the treasure house of Chinese paintings, Yongji Pujiu (Universal Savior) Temple, where ¡°Story of West Chamber¡± took place, Wanrong Houtu Temple, which is the holy place for Chinese people worshipping their ancestors, Emperor Shun¡¯s Tomb in Yanhu District, Grand Iron Cow on the Yellow River, Autumn Wind Tower in Wanrong, and Sima Guang¡¯s Tomb in Xiaxian County offers Yuncheng a fame home and abroad. Yuncheng Salt Lake, which has been developed for over 4, 000 years, holds an unusual position in the China¡¯s salt industry. All this provides Yuncheng University with unique regional humanistic resource in its development. 

For years, with the support of government at all levels and of all social circles, Yuncheng University, sticking to socialist direction, centers on cultivation of talents and scientific research by means of strengthening staff¡¯s scientific research and in the way of coordinative development in terms of ¡°scale, quality, structure, efficiency¡±. Yuncheng University aims to cultivate qualified personnel with devotion, creativeness, and flexible adaptation to social development. In this way we are determined to develop our university into a university with strong local characteristics.

Yuncheng University occupies an area of 1114.165 mu, and it boasts 14 departments, three teaching sections and seven research institutions with 49 specialties at the levels of undergraduate and college. These specialties cover eight science subjects such as economics, law, pedagogy, literature, history, sciences, engineering, agriculture and management. Every year it admits students from 22 provinces (cities, or autonomous regions). At present, it has 10, 358 full time students of all kinds, 1451 adult and correspondence students. The university also has more than 50 laboratories of all kinds, and total asset of teaching equipment of all kinds is 44, 640, 500 yuan. Among them, modern electronic technology laboratory is ranked as a Provincial Key Laboratory, and Applied Mathematics as a Key Provincial Aided Subject. The library has a collection of 735, 300 books, and a collection of 6319 electronic literatures. It is a Class A library in automation construction in Shanxi¡¯s universities. It has a staff of 931 with a faculty of 583, among whom there are 25 professors, 109 associate professors, over 232 teachers with MA/Msc degrees, one provincial leaders of fields of learning, one provincial young leader of academy, eighteen provincial core teachers, two teachers covered by special government subsidy. 

Following the coordinative model of ¡°knowledge¡ªability¡ªqualities¡± for cultivation of talents and reformation guideline of ¡°solid foundation¡ªflexible adaptability¡ªstrong capability¡ªhigh qualities¡±, Yuncheng University has established a comparatively complete set of instruction system, and this system involves classroom teaching, experiments, academy and social practice. Therefore, its teaching proficiency and quality have been improving.

Emphasizing to develop the university by scientific research, and focusing on construction of ¡°New Twin Bases¡± raised by the Provincial government, Yuncheng University pays close attention to disciplinary construction and application of scientific research and technological transference, on the basis of Yuncheng cultural resources and characteristics of local economy and industry. Research Center of Culture of ¡°the Journey to the West¡±, Research Center of Folk Adage has remarkable achievement, among which cultural research into ¡°the Journey to the West¡± has gained certain reputation home and abroad.

The university has also focused a lot on international and domestic cooperation. It has set up excellent cooperation with domestic leading universities such as Shaanxi Teachers University, Xidian University, Northwest University and international universities such as Ukraine¡¯s Lugansky Teachers University.

Since the foundation of Yuncheng University, generations of people have gained gratifying achievements as a result of hard work. Yuncheng University has been awarded in all aspects of its work by the national, provincial and municipal governments respectively, ranging from students affairs to financial management, from ethical progress to building of the Party and the League. Our students have won prizes in National Mathematics Model Contest for College Students, National Electronic Contest for College Students, and National Contest of Advertisement and Art Design for College Students, gaining remarkable social reputation.

Currently, Yuncheng University has encountered a great opportunity for its rapid development. Guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory and Important Thought of ¡°Three Representatives¡±, and completely carrying out Scientific Development Viewpoint, the whole staff will devote to career to build our university into a university with an excellent reputation inside and outside Shanxi Province.
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