Artists from both China and Abroad Visited Yuncheng University for Academic Exchange  September 28,2016
Zhang Jinzheng, Deputy Director of the Fine Arts and Process Design Department, Visits Hansung University for Academic Exchange  June 28,2016
National Percussion Music Symposium held in Yuncheng University  April 8,2016
The Seminar of Optimization Model and Arithmetic under the Background of Big Data Convened in Yuncheng University  December 11,2015
Academician Yuan Yaxiang of CAS Was Invited to Give an Academic Report in Yuncheng University  October 29,2015
Principal of Tice Neil European University of Poland Visited Yuncheng University  June 15,2015
Former Battalion Chief of Honor Guards of the three-service, Vice Chief of Staff of Beijing Garrison Command Cheng Zhiqiang was Invited to Give a Report in Yuncheng University  April 20,2015
Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor Hao Jingcheng Delivers an Academic Report  December 26,2014
Academician Ouyang Ziyuan delivered an academic report  October 17,2014
Our University Sincerely Invites Prof.Zhang Zhensun, Expert of Career Planning and Guidence to Give Lectures  September 16,2014
Wang Xilan, a Member of the Chinese Writers Assocaition and Former Vice-chairman of Provincial Literary Federation, Gives the Beginning Lecture in the Moral Letural Hall of Yuncheng University  April 29,2014
Rokar Natalia, the White Russian Pianist and Educationalist Came to the Department of Music  April 29,2014
Wang Lin, the Certified Specialist Professor of the ˇ°One Hundred Talents Programˇ±, Came to Our Campus for Work Exchanges  June 22,2013
A Series of Lectures on Humanistic Quality Education were Given Good Play on Our Campus  December 10,2012
Prof. Lu KangˇŻer Came to Give a Lecture on Our Campus  November 8,2012
Professor Li Chengzhi from Peking University Gives Academic Lectures in Our University  June 7,2012
Guo Baozhu, researcher fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences, came to our university for academic exchanges  March 14,2012
Professor Liang Jiguo from Ibaraki University in Japan to give an excellent report  December 21,2010
An Academic Report By Professor Chen Yuming from Wilfrid Lauvier University of Canada  June 28,2010
Professor Wang Zhuomin Delivers an Academic Report  June 7,2010

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