Meeting with Experts of the Evaluation by Ministry of Education on Undergraduate Teaching Held at YCU  December 24,2018
Conference on the Preparation for the Evaluation by Ministry of Education on Undergraduate Teaching Held at YCU  November 7,2018
Central Group of Party Committee Holds Enlarged Learning Conference  October 16,2018
President Xue Yaowen Gave Management Lecture for Party Members and Cadres of the Departments in Charge  August 16,2018
China Education Daily Propagated the Experience of Party Building of YCU  October 19,2018
YCU Department of Elementary Education Founded  June 27,2018
Training Course on the Spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress of Middle Level Cadres Completed  April 29,2018
Party Committee Secretary Yao Jihuan Investigated Poverty Relief Work in Pinglu County  April 23,2018
YCU Leaders Visited Staff at Work  February 13,2018
¡°Red Boat Spirit¡± Thematic Party Day Activity Held at YCU  January 12,2018
Yuncheng University¡¯s Second Congress of the Communist Party of China Was Held Successfully  October 30,2017
Opening Ceremony and Mobilization Conference on Military Training for Class of 2017 Held in Yuncheng University  September 30,2017
Yuncheng University Celebrates the 33rd Teacher¡¯s Day and Commendation Conference Is Held  September 19,2017
Youthful Vitality Shown in 15th Track and Field Games of Yuncheng University  May 2,2017
Wang Yuyan, the Secretary of CPC Yuncheng Municipal Committee, Visited Yuncheng University  April 6,2017
The 7th Meeting of 2nd Yuncheng University Faculty Congress is Held  April 6,2017
Yuncheng University to Build Cooperation with the Municipal Education Bureau in Implementation of the Provincial 1331 Development Plan  March 14,2017
Leaders of YCU Check Up on the Start of the New Semester  March 14,2017
An Yawen, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Yuncheng Municipal People¡¯s Congress, visited YCU to inspect the catering services  December 6,2016
Freshmen's Military Training Inspection  October 31,2016

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