The Brilliant 13th Track and Field Games of Yuncheng University  June 16,2015
The Fifth Meeting of the Second Session of Yuncheng University Faculty Congress is Held  April 21,2015
Chairman of Yuncheng Political Consultative Conference Chai Linshan Visits Yuncheng University  March 25,2015
Gervan Fearon, President of Brandon University of Canada Visits Yuncheng University  November 20,2014
Yuncheng University Observes the Grand Opening of 2014-grade Students¡¯s Military Training Report-back Performance and Summing-up Meeting  October 10,2014
Celebration of the 30th Teachers¡¯ Day  September 30,2014
Sun Baoguo, a Member of the Chinese Engineering Academy, Officially Joined Yuncheng University  June 12,2014
National Seminar of the English Major Development for Local Universities Held in Yuncheng University  June 9,2014
The Fourth Meeting of the Second Session of Yuncheng University Faculty Congress is Held  April 29,2014
Liu Bing Falls Rank into the ¡°131¡± Leading Academic Talents of Shangxi Province and the Specially Invited Professors of Yuncheng University  April 4,2014
Consolation for Veteran Cadres and Senior Party Members in Chinese New Year  April 4,2014
Provincial Party Secretary Yuan Chunqing Inspected Yuncheng University  October 28,2013
Celebration of the 29th Teachers' Day  September 28,2013
The Curtain was Raised of Yuncheng University 2013 New Teachers¡¯Pre-job Training  September 23,2013
Chinese and Foreign Classical Symphony Concert  May 27,2013
The Third Meeting of the Second Session of Yuncheng University Faculty Congress is Held  May 8,2013
The Teaching Experience Exchanges between Our University and Xi'an FanYi University  April 17,2013
Yang Lijian, the CRO of Shanxi Branch Bank of CCB and his Party Paid a Visit to Our Campus  December 5,2012
Li Dongfu (Director of Shanxi Education Department) Came to Visit Our University  November 8,2012
Yuncheng University Warmly Celebrated the 28th Teachers¡¯ Day  October 19,2012

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