December 21,2010
Our students of electromechanical department obtained the Third prize in the national contest of 3D field finals.

On November 30th£¬2010, in closing of the 3D digitizing innovative design contest in JiangSu, ChangZhou, the "future speed" team formed by students of electromechanical and engineering department obtained the Third prize after  receiving the special-class award of ShanXi division.
The forum and related activities of this national finals was sponsored mainly by national manufacturing informational training center and the People¡¯s Government in JiangSu, ChangZhou, and sponsored by national manufacturing informational training center 3D, and undertaken by all colleges and universities in ChangZhou., The third contest in 2010 was participated by 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, 619 universities and 378 enterprises, and the No. of participant was more than one million people.
The students¡¯ group of industrial engineering direction of 3D field finals was divided into industrial design, engineering design, mold design, CNC programming and the scene reply. After the design and rejoining from 8:30am to 8:30pm on 28th, the "future speed" team which was formed by our students Gao Qinghui, zhang Zhange, Wang Zhiyu, Liu Xiaoke was awarded the Third prize by the evaluation committee. Their entries was the "multi-functional explosion-proof forklift", which was guided by Sun Peilu and Huai Xuge.
The 3D competition has been successfully held three sessions. This is not only a big review on the national college students and enterprise technical personnel¡¯s 3D digitizing technology application level, but also a new important platform where the 3D technology can become more universal, and the innovation practice and the self-business initiation can be promoted. The 3D trip fully demonstrated the strength of our teachers and students, and also provided updated experiences and wider spaces for our long-term development.

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