March 9,2012
President Zhang Chenwu and others from CCB (China Construction Bank) Yuncheng Branch Visited Yanhu Campus
In the afternoon of February 22, President Zhang Chenwu and others   from CCB Yuncheng branch visited Yanhu Campus to inspect its constructional condition, accompanied by Communist Party Secretary, Cui Keyong, President Yao Jihuan ,Vice-president Li Shenming and others from Yuncheng University.
Along the main roads of Yanhu Campus, Zhang and others visited the Administration Building, Hedong Auditorium, the Comprehensive Teaching Buildings, Canteens, Dormitories, Ballgame Fields, the Logistics Service Building and others successively and obtained insights about the construction. At last, in the Construction Planning Office, they viewed the construction planning sand table of the Yanhu Campus. Chief Jiao Minglong from Office of Development and Planning introduced the main constructional condition of Yanhu Campus. Chief Sun Peixun from Office of Planning and Finance told the capital operation of the construction. Both sides exchanged ideas on the constructional condition of the Library and Information Centre programme.
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