May 3,2012
The First Commencement for Ukraine Exchange Students Was Held in Yuncheng University

The first commencement for Ukraine exchange students was held in No. 2 conference room of the old campus at 10 a.m. on April, 25. The graduates attending the ceremony are Ukraine exchange students, who are also the first group of exchange students to study in our university. Vice-president Wang Zhuomin, the Recruitment and Employment Office director Yang Yinbao, the International Education College director Nie Hexian, and secretary Cheng Yinghong from the same college were present at the ceremony.

The commencement began in an easy and happy atmosphere. Vice-president Wang Zhuomin represented Yuncheng Univesity to give a speech. He first sent his warm congratulations to Ukraine exchange students who had smoothly completed the course-training. Gratified at their accomplishments, he also hoped that once they were in their home country, they would become the emissaries to kindly spread Chinese history and culture, making efforts to let the world learn more about China and to enhance the Sino-Ukraine exchanges and friendship. Finally, Mr. Wang said that Yuncheng Univeristy would forever be the home of the overseas students who had studied there and it would readily give them a warm welcome on their return.

Director Yang Yinbao of the Recruitment and Employment Office also extended his congratulations, ardent expectations and best wishes to the exchange students. Anna, as a representative of the overseas graduates, passionately expressed her love to China, the Chinese language and the gratitude to the leaders and teachers. The emotional speeches made by every speaker won rounds of applauses.

At the end of the ceremony, the course-completion certificates were officially given to the overseas graduates by Vice-president Wang Zhuomin. And all the staff present had a group photo taken to commemorate the occasion. The first international exchange program for Chinese-learning held by our university was successfully drawn to an end.

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