May 11,2012
The 10th Sports Meeting of Yuncheng University Performed Unlimited Wonderful

On April 13 to 14, the 10th track and field sports meeting of Yuncheng University was warmly held on the playground of Yanhu campus, with sweat scattering the youth and joy flying over the ground. On the morning of April 13, Cui Keyong, Yao Jihuan, Zhao Xiaoshi, Liu Ziqiang, Liang Jincai, Wang Zhuomin, Zhang Fengqin, Li Shenming, and party committee member He Zhengyun (all are leaders of Yuncheng University), etc., watched the grand opening ceremony show with both teachers and students in our university.
The opening ceremony was hosted by Vice President Wang Zhuomin. Liu Ziqiang, the secretary of the discipline inspection commission of our university  gave the opening speech. He pointed out that paying attention to sports and advocating all to take exercise has been one of the most important and unremitting work of our university. In recent years, with the hard work and participation of both students and teachers, the atmosphere of sports has been increasingly strong and the competitive level of sports has also risen greatly. The various forms of sports activities not only enrich our college life, but also inject vitality and vigor into the development of our university.
Tang Long from Department of Economic Management and Ding Tong from Department of Physical Education swore the oath on the behalf of all athletes and referees respectively. After that, the fabulous mass aerobics game and arts programmes attracted the sights of all audiences. The war drum performance from the representative team of Department of Chinese Language and Literature, the beautiful dance from that of Department of Music, the waist drum performance from Department of Foreign Languages, the great passion to dream shown by the representative team of Department of Economic Management¡­dynamic and passion reflected, cheers and applause flew together on the playground and climax was reached one after another.
In the two days¡¯ competition, 14 representative teams from all the departments of our university took part in 14 events including men¡¯s and women¡¯s. The athletes worked hard against the scorching sun and harvested health, joy and success from competitions. The whole arena was in good order and climax reached one after another: the athletes was running energetically on the 4*400m racing track with little relay baton passing on strength and dream; at the competition of shot put, Yuan Yuxia sweat profusely and threw as far as 9.87 meters, which has broken the record of university sports meeting; there were sea of people on the grandstand cheering and shouting; on the air the sound of shouting encouragement lingered in the ears¡­
After the fierce competition, Department of Economic Management, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Department of Foreign Languages and Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering won the top 6 of group total score in this sports meeting respectively; Department of Music, Department of Economic Management, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Department of Foreign Languages and Department of Applied Mathematics won the top 6 in the 3rd mass aerobics game. These teams were awarded trophies and medals by the sports meeting.
On March 14, Vice President Wang Zhuomin pointed out, in the closing statement, that physical exercise only has comma but no end. He hoped all the students and faculties could bring the spirit of zeal, going all out to win success and daring to struggle and surpass into future work and study to achieve new achievements, to do positive contribution to this year¡¯s eligible evaluation of undergraduate teaching work held by the Ministry of Education to our university, and to do what one can for the construction of our teaching-centered local university with its own distinctive characteristics.

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