October 19,2012
President Yao Jihuan Attended the First Jin Merchants Conference and Signed an Agreement with US New Bridge Media Corporation
The first Jin Merchants Conference convened by Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Shanxi Provincial Government was held in Taiyuan on August 20, 2012. Concurrently held was the Yuncheng Project Promotion Symposium in the golden hall of Taiyuan Yellow River-Peking Hotel to celebrate the signing of investment projects. More than 100 people attended this conference. It included Ling Zhengce, Vice Chairman of Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Bai Yun, Secretary of Yuncheng Municipal Party Committee, Wang Anpang, mayor of the Yuncheng City, Yao Jihuan, President of Yuncheng University, leaders from Yuncheng-subordinate counties and cities, and entrepreneurs of Yuncheng nationality at home and abroad.
As one of the concluding parties, President Yao and Director Yang Yinbao of the Admission and Employment Affairs Department were present at the conference. President Yao, on behalf of Yuncheng University, signed a letter of intention for cooperation with US New Bridge Media Corporation on digital media projects. The projects, which involved personnel training and employment of the animation majors, were a tripartite cooperation of our university, Yuncheng Municipal Government and the New Bridge Corporation in the field of creative industry. The signature of cooperative agreement, on one hand, put it into good practice of the related requirements put forward by The Ministry of Educationí»s Suggestions on Improving the Overall Quality of Higher Education; on the other hand, by making cooperations with industries and enterprises to the service of local economy, it built a new-level platform of production, teaching and research combination and further promoted the training of applied, inter-disciplined and skilled talents.
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