October 19,2012
Yuncheng University Warmly Celebrated the 28th Teachers¡¯ Day
On September 8, 2012, Yuncheng University warmly celebrated the 28th Teachers¡¯ Day in Grand Hedong Hall. The leaders of Yuncheng University Cui Keyong, Zhao Xiaoshi, Liu Ziqiang, Liang Jincai, Wang Zhuomin, Zhang Fengqin, Li Shenming and member of the Party Committee He Zhengyun presented the celebration. Many excellent teachers were commended and to them sincere greetings were expressed by student representative: ¡°You are the kindling that lit our inner fire; you are the stone stairs that help us climb to the top. Please allow us to express our sincere feelings: our teachers, thank you for all the efforts you have taken! Happy Teachers¡¯ Day!¡±
After singing of the national anthem, Wang Zhuomin, member of the Party Committee and vice-president, read out the paper ¡°On the decision of commending model teachers and advanced workers during the 2011-2012 academic period¡±. Song Jie, Zhang Weifeng and other 39 model teachers and advanced education workers were given commendation.
Wang Mei, the model teacher representative, a teacher from the Department of Foreign Languages, showed her deep affection to Yuncheng University in her acceptance speech and she aspired to be one of the most outstanding and the most popular teachers among students. Cheng Yunqiang from the Department of Biology, on the behalf of all the students of Yuncheng University, expressed his resolution to reward alma mater and teachers¡¯ education with excellent result and strive for growing up and succeeding soon to serve our country.
At last, Cui Keyong, secretary of the Party Committee, sent earnest greetings to all the faculty working hard in teaching, researching, managing and serving positions and showed congratulations to the commended model teachers and advanced education workers on the behalf of the Party committee and all the administrative staff. In the speech, he stated the great changes happened to Yuncheng University in the 10 years after it was upgraded to a degree-awarding institution in 2002. During the 10 years, the hardware facilities have been improved greatly, the running scale has got a further expansion and the daily management and teaching quality has also made magnificent progress, showing a good momentum of development and basically reaching the standard of undergraduate education made by the Ministry of Education. Meanwhile, Cui also pointed out the difficulties and problems existing in our work objectively. He proposed specific requirements on the preparation of undergraduate evaluation, the construction of leadership style and the security and stability work. He required the leading officials to play the leading role, to encourage staff to coordinate well, to strengthen the service and become service model. He said in all earnestness that the development of Yuncheng University has reached to a crucial time and the next month is the time to examine whether each teacher and worker can fulfill the requirements of this evaluation. He suggested all the faculty to work together, cooperate with each other actively and strive for our university¡¯s success in passing the undergraduate evaluation with high quality.
Zhao Xiaoshi, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, chaired the meeting and proposed detailed requirements on putting the spirit of this conference into practice.
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