November 8,2012
Li Dongfu (Director of Shanxi Education Department) Came to Visit Our University
On October 12, Li Dongfu, the Director of Shanxi Education Department, inspected the work of our university, accompanied by our university leaders Cui Keyong, Zhao Xiaoshi, Wang Zhuomin, Zhang Fengqin, Liang Yongping and member of the Party Committee He Zhengyun.
Director Li and others walked along the campus landscape avenue and came to the work- site of Information Centre which was being built in full swing. When he was told that it was the landmark building of Yuncheng University, he gave special attention to it. He learned more about the design, building area and functional zoning of Information Centre with Secretary Cui¡¯s patient explanation. Before the aerial view of our university¡¯s construction plan, Director Li kept asking questions while seeing. Knowing that our plan has been coming true step by step, he smiled satisfiedly.
Director Li also observed the Grand Hedong Hall, the comprehensive teaching buildings, the dinning halls and students¡¯ dormitories and gave instructive suggestions to our school work. He pointed out that the Provincial Education Department took the development of our university seriously and hoped our university to speed up the construction of campus, which would be supported by the Provincial Education Department greatly. At the same time, he expected us to have further implementation of the ¡°Some Ideas about Entirely Improving the Teaching Quality in Higher Education¡± proposed by the Ministry of Education of the People¡¯s Republic of China, pay much attention to innovative talents training mode, close connection with local economic and social development and powerful professional adjustments. He hoped our university to improve the level and quality of education, and to better serve local economic and social development.
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