December 5,2012
Yang Lijian, the CRO of Shanxi Branch Bank of CCB and his Party Paid a Visit to Our Campus
On November 9, Yang Lijian, the CRO (Chief Risk Officer) of Shanxi Branch Bank of CCB (China Construction Bank) and his party paid a visit to our campus. The General Manager of the Risk Evaluation Department Wang Zhanquan and the Deputy General Manager of the Examination and Approval Department Wang Jianhong were included in this party. Among the construction projects that were carried on on our campus, the Information Center was the focus of their checking items.
With President Yao Jihuan as the guide, Chief Yang and others walked along the South Circle Road of the new campus and came to the Grand Hedong Hall. After the visiting guests observed the model of the architectural design of the new campus, President Yao made an introduction of our university¡¯s constructions and development. Then Chief Yang and his visiting staff went up the stairs and appreciated the exhibition of Yuncheng University students¡¯ achievements made in the activities of the expanded education for all-around development. The students¡¯ paintings and writings that gave a touch of life and their ingenious scientific inventions greatly impressed the guests.
At the construction site of the Information Center, Chief Yang rained his praise. ¡°It is really from a master-hand of the architectural design, and Yuncheng University deserves to be called a modern university¡±, he said. He also suggested that more cultural and artistic elements should be added to help the students accumulate knowledge and nurture the souls.
The President of Yuncheng Branch Bank of CCB Zhang Chenwu, the Vice President Pan Xinghua and Jiang Guangxing, the Director of the Development Planning and Construction Department of our university Jiao Minglong, the Director of the Planning and Financial Department Shun Peixun, the Dean of the Economy and Management Department Huang Jieyu, etc. were among the accompanying group. 
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