April 17,2013
The Teaching Experience Exchanges between Our University and Xi'an FanYi University

On March 21th, a warm spring day with flowers blooming and everything radiant with happiness, Vice President of XiĄŻan FanYi University Zhai Zhendong and his party of almost 20 people paid a visit to our university. Both parties involved had productive discussions on the issues of how to improve teaching quality and to serve for local economic and social development,etc. Vice President of XiĄŻan FanYi University Zhai Zhendong, Party Committee Secretary of our university Cui Keyong, President Yao Jihuan, Vice President Wang Zhuomin and other chief leading cadres of relative functional departments, directors of teaching departments of both sides attended the experience exchange meeting. The meeting was chaired by Cui Keyong, Party Committee Secretary of our university.
The Teaching Experience Exchange Meeting of Yuncheng University & XiĄŻan FanYi University was held in No.1515 conference room of the Office Building on the new campus. President Yao Jihuan first made an introduction of the fundamental conditions, orientation, teaching and scientific research, the teaching staff and personnel training of our university. Then Vice President Wang Zhuomin gave a detailed description of the efforts made by our university to regulate teaching management, to improve teaching quality and to perfect the quality guarantee system of talents training, etc. Qi Yushui, Dean of Teaching Affairs of XiĄŻan FanYi University gave a presentation of its conceptions and experience of running a university. As a forerunner of the non-state education, XiĄŻan FanYi University has gone through 26 years and accumulated a profusion of experience on the training and cultivation of applied talents. Both parties reached the agreement to strengthen communication, to help and learn from each other and to play the active role of serving for local economic and social development.
After that, Vice President Zhai Zhendong and the party visited our new campus and observed the model of the architectural design of the new campus.
In the afternoon, the chief leading cadres of relative functional departments and teaching departments of the two universities conducted in-depth and friendly counterpart exchanges.

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