May 8,2013
The Third Meeting of the Second Session of Yuncheng University Faculty Congress is Held
The peach trees were in bloom and the willows were turning green----bright spring days. On March 22nd, the third meeting of the second session of Yuncheng University Faculty Congress was held ceremoniously in He Dong Lecture Hall. University leaders Cui Keyong, Yao Jihuan, Zhao Xiaoshi, Liu Ziqiang, Liang Jincai, Wang Zhuomin, Zhang Fengqin, Liang Yongping, LiShenming as well as the Party Committee member He Zhengyun, Labor Union Chairman He Qingshan attended the meeting. 104 faculty representatives, 7 specially invited representatives, 24 nonvoting delegates attended the meeting.
Congress was divided into two stages; the first stage was chaired by Liu Ziqiang, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission.
At the meeting, President Yao Jihuan delivered a report entitled "We should guide by assessment and rectification, lay stress on professional construction, make a breakthrough by industry-university-institute cooperation, and strive to open up new prospects for University development ". This report reviewed and summarized University¡¯s work in 2012, made arrangements for the main tasks in 2013. In 2012, under the correct leadership of the superior competent department and Party Committee, under the joint efforts of all teachers and students, University adhered to managerial guiding ideology, thoroughly implemented "A Number Of Opinions On Improving the Overall Quality Of Higher Education" ("30 Items on Higher Education Quality ") by the Ministry of Education. With qualified evaluation as focus and opportunity, University actively promoted the construction of new campus, took effective measures to standardize undergraduate teaching, and strengthened the connotation construction comprehensively. University¡¯s work has shown a good momentum of development. President Yao expressed his sincere thanks to all the faculty and students on behalf of Party Committee and Administration.
The report pointed out, 2013 as a year of teaching evaluation rectification, was also the beginning of University¡¯s second-step development strategy. The following was University¡¯s overall work guiding principle this year: to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics; to study deeply and implement the Party's Eighteenth National Congress spirit; to adhere to be guided by Deng Xiaoping theory, "Three Represents", and Scientific Outlook On Development; to fully implement "30 Items on Higher Education Quality " and University¡¯s managerial guiding ideology, to earnestly implement the Ministry of Education¡¯s undergraduate teaching conformity assessment rectification plan, to optimize the training mode of applied talents, to be focused and scientific-planed, to strongly promote University¡¯s connotation development. President Yao reported to the delegates this year¡¯s mainly work to do from teaching, scientific research, training of teachers, student affairs, innovation of management system, new campus construction, livelihood issues and other aspects.
During the meeting, holding the attitude of be highly responsible for University, fellow deputies listened carefully to the Presidency¡¯s work report and the financial report by Finance Director Sun Peixun. The deputies also listened to the proposals¡¯ processing situation by Labor Union Chairman He Qingshan who was on behalf of the Conference Preparatory Group; listened to "Thrift and Austerity Proposal". In the delegation group discussion, representatives from various aspects of College discussed the overall situation of College reform and development enthusiastically. They proposed many valuable comments and suggestions on the development of the College.
The second stage of the Congress was chaired by Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Zhao Xiaoshi. Delegates voted by show of hands, examined and approved the Presidency¡¯s work report, the finance report, and "Thrift and Austerity Proposal".
Finally, College Party Committee Secretary Cui Keyong made an important speech. He pointed out that the Congress was an important meeting which had nexus significance. Universityfaculty studied deeply and implemented the Party's Eighteenth National Congress spirit; solidly carried out the rectification work; conscientiously summed up the experience and lessons of our first- step development strategy in order to realize the smooth start of the second-step development strategy. In the future, we would continue to adhere to and improve Faculty's Congress system under the leadership of the Party Committee, closely rely on the faculty, and continuously promote University¡¯s democratic political construction, jointly push forward the development of our University. He emphasized the following: all the faculty should be fully aware that University¡¯s development was everyone's common interests; only should we obey and serve the overall development of University, work creatively, overcome difficulties initiatively, resolve conflicts, unite more closely, work hard, perseveringly, and solidly can we promoteUniversity¡¯sdevelopment to a new level, and realize the established grand goal. He fully affirmed the consummation of the Congress, and then he made mobilization and deployment for Congress spirit¡¯s publicity and implement.
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