May 27,2013
Chinese and Foreign Classical Symphony Concert
On April 12th, the famous young conductor Dong Junjie, Yuncheng University¡¯s alumni, returned to his Alma Mater with Opera of Tianjin Song and Dance Troupe. The Opera performed a Chinese and foreign classical symphonic concert at full stretch; nearly a thousand audience shared and tasted a feast of music.
Our University President Yao Jihuan addressed before the performance, he said: ¡°art edify sentiment, melodies strike hearts, and symphonies give power.¡± He was proud of such outstanding graduate Dong Junjie; also hoped that the students of Music Department presented today could return to Alma Mater to hold the concert a few years later.
The concert was begun with the melody of ¡°The Whole World Joins in the Jubilation¡± as the prelude. ¡°Ode to Beijing¡±, ¡°Sing a Song to the Party¡±, ¡°Cheers, Friends,¡±, ¡°In That Distant Place¡±, ¡°Memories of Comrades¡±, ¡°No One's Gonna Sleep Tonight¡±...... A branch of familiar classics stirred up fond memories of the audience; artists Yu Pingli, Wang Lai, Qu Ruijin, Chen Shu, Bai Huidi etc. deeply touched the audience by their beautiful voice and elegant stage manners. Shi Guangyu, Wang Zenan, Zhang Kai¡¯s trio ¡°My Sun¡± shocked audience¡¯s hearts greatly; the trio displayed the quality of sound and the charm of singing incisively and vividly. The audience was exhilarated, and set off a flood of applause.
Dong Junjie stood in the center of the stage and faced the band, his shiny baton sparkled magic.  He was elegant, ¡°Poet and Peasant¡± Overture delivered rustic natural fresh breath; he was passionate, ¡°Carmen¡± Overture expressed matador¡¯s dashing handsome image and the bullring¡¯s excited atmosphere; he was cheerful and witty, ¡°The Barber of Seville¡± revealed an interesting and busy barber. One climax after another, flowers and applause flocked to Dong Junjie and his team. The interactive SMS on the big screen embodied audience¡¯s full praise and nostalgia. ¡°The concert, Dong Junjie, tenor, soprano, you¡¯re the best!¡± ¡°Concert is near the end, we long for more, and want to take this moment to retain.¡± ¡°Friends, drink a toast to a better tomorrow of Yuncheng University and Tianjin Song and Dance Troupe!¡±
The concert was organized by our University, and undertook by China Mobile Yuncheng Branch. It is another activity of ¡°Refined Art Entering Campuses¡±. The concert helped to improve faculties¡¯ and students' artistic accomplishment and appreciation.
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