September 23,2013
The Curtain was Raised of Yuncheng University 2013 New Teachers¡¯Pre-job Training
    At 7 p.m of September 11th, the opening ceremony of Yuncheng University 2013 New Teachers¡¯Pre-job Training was held in No.1515 conference room of the office building on the new campus. President Yao Jihuan, Vice President Liang Yongping, Chief of the Staff Department Cheng Yinghong, and the 34 teachers newly recruited this year attended the ceremony.    
    On the opening ceremony, President Yao Jihuan delivered a speech brimming with warm feelings. Making an introduction of the fundamental state of Yuncheng University¡¯s construction, academic researches, teaching and management ,etc, he extended his sincere welcome to the new teachers who came from all corners of the country. Affectionally, he said , ¡°our university need you, and in return it also helps to build a successful career by providing good opportunities. I hope all of you can settle down and hang together, making your effort to create a better tomorrow for Yuncheng University. In all earnestness, he said to the new teachers, ¡°You are the future of Yuncheng University, so everyone of you must have the ambition to grow to be a backbone teacher. And as a young teacher, you must work hard to find out the key of teaching and never cease to do academic researches. To put into practice and to improve the applied ability, you must go down to factories, enterprises, thus better serving the society. Meanwhile, you should conduct yourself by properly handling the relationships between teachers and students, colleagues, and the individual and the collective. Bear in mind ¡®a sacrifice must be made to obtain¡¯¡±. He also expressed his hope that the new teachers take to heart of the training, complete the role changeover as soon as possible and the expected effect be achieved.
    Cheng Yinghong, Chief of the Staff Department, made deployment of the training course concerned. The 2013 New Teachers¡¯Pre-job Training included teachers¡¯  occupational quality training, teaching practice and training, and the theoretical training of higher education. The teachers¡¯occupational quality training was organized by the university and extended from September 11th to October 12th. It was mainly about our university¡¯s history and fundamental state, teachers¡¯occupational development and professional ethics, etc. The teaching practice and training was of each department¡¯s own accord. It was arranged in the first 10 weeks of this term and took the form of tutorial system, diagnostic teaching, class preparation and visit, etc. The theoretical training of higher education, organized by Shanxi Province College Teacher Training Center, was scheduled to be given in July, 2014. It was in the form of intensive study and extensive study combined, college training and department training combined, college training and provincial training combined, and a comprehensive assessment was to be given after the training, the result of which was to be taken as one of the requirements for teacher qualification and title rating.
    Vice President Liang Yongping chaired the opening ceremony. He also made a special report entitled ¡°the Ladder of College Teachers¡¯Occupational Development¡± as the opening training to the new teachers. He described the route a teacher must take on his or her way to professional growth from the following aspects: first, three kinds of capabilities: college teachers¡¯basic capability for development; second, title promotion: the iconic ladder of college teachers¡¯development; third, self-conscious development: the root way for continuous promotions. He put forward the notion that self-consciousness was prerequisite for professional development, the lifting of teaching level was the foundation for a teacher to be approved, and the promotion of academic research level was what made a teacher professionally stronger. He hoped that the new teachers, after going to the posts, do their best to perform the duties, never spare their efforts to make self-conscious promotion and development and make their dreams come true.
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