September 28,2013
Celebration of the 29th Teachers' Day
"To ignite the passion with youth, to cast loyalty with dedication, the teacher, you are the most beautiful people in our hearts; let me offer my most sincere feelings: dear teacher, you are laborious! Happy Teacher¡¯s Day!" Sincere blessings are dedicated to glorious gardeners----our teachers. On September 10th, Yuncheng University¡¯s Celebration of the 29th Teacher's Day and the Commendation Conference was held in Grand Hedong Hall. University leaders Cui Keyong, Yao Jihuan, Zhao Xiaoshi, Liu Ziqiang, Liang Jincai, Wang Zhuomin, Zhang Fengqin, Liang Yongping and Party committee member He Zhengyun gathered together with student and faculty representatives to celebrate the 29th Teacher's Day. The conference is chaired by Party Secretary Cui Keyong.
After the majestic national anthem, University Party committee member, Vice President Wang Zhuomin, announced the "on the recognition of the 2012-2013 academic year exemplary teachers and advanced worker's decision". The conference commended 61 exemplary teachers and advanced educational workers: Liang Yufeng, Dong Weizheng and so on.
Exemplary teacher representative, Chinese Department teacher He Xiaowan expressed the happiness and glory of being a teacher in the acceptance speech, aspiring to stride forward to a higher level and standard, and composing University¡¯s new glory. On behalf of more than ten thousand students, student representative from Foreign Languages Department Liu Yun expressed the gratitude to teachers, offered the highest respect and sincere wishes.
University deputy Party secretary, President Yao Jihuan finally made an important speech. Representing the Party committee and the executive, he expressed sincere greetings to teachers who worked hard long in the forefront of teaching and staff in other positions. He also expressed warm congratulations to the exemplary teachers and advanced workers, offered warm welcome to the 34 new teachers who worked in University this year. After that, he introduced the University¡¯s current status of faculty, proposed faculty team building ideas of the next phase: First, strengthen teachers¡¯ virtue construction vigorously. Link teachers¡¯ ethics evaluation with teachers¡¯ most concerned issues, such as professional title accreditation, duty performance appraisal, model assessment, cadre appointment and so on. Resolutely implement the one-vote veto system for the violation of morality. Second, further intensify talent introduction. Our goal this year is to introduce 1 to 2 academicians, 10 or so well-known scholars and academic leaders, cultivate a group of University¡¯s young creative outstanding talents. Third, enhance the professional level of faculty. Four, do well the management and service work. He hoped all the staff to work hard and live happily; combine personal pursuit with University development in working; further enhance learning, and constantly improve the professional quality and capacity; in life have a good attitude, good health and good accomplishment. He called on everyone do solid work under the leadership of Party committees, dedicate and try our best, contribute our efforts in order to promote University¡¯s sound and rapid development.
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