April 4,2014
Consolation for Veteran Cadres and Senior Party Members in Chinese New Year

    On January 24th, Yuncheng University sent the Chinese New Year consolation for veteran cadres and senior party members, sent them care and warmth of party and government. President Yao Jihuan, vice¨Cpresident Liang Jincai, party member and Organization Minister He Zhengyun, Party Committee and Admin Office Director Zhang Zuowei, Retired Department Officer Pei Qifang and some others arrived at homes of Shao Yangwu, Zhang Xiaojun, Shang Hengyuan and Zhao Genyuan. They led a cordial conversation with dear old comrades, brought them consolation money, and wished them healthy and happy. Veteran cadres and senior party members were deeply grateful.

    Comrade Niu Yuren was seriously ill in Yuncheng Central Hospital. President Yao Jihuan, vice¨Cpresident Liang Jincai and others came to his bedside, visited and asked about illness, brought his family members the consolation money. They also told family members to ask for help from university whenever they need.

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