April 4,2014
Liu Bing Falls Rank into the ¡°131¡± Leading Academic Talents of Shangxi Province and the Specially Invited Professors of Yuncheng University

On March 17th, Liu Bing, Professor and a Doctor¡¯s Supervisor of Shanghai University of Sport, officially became one of the members of the ¡°131¡± Leading Academic Talents of Shangxi Province and the specially invited professors of Yuncheng University after taking the letter of appointment from the hands of Liang Yongping, Vice President of Yuncheng University.
In the ceremony of appointment, Liu Bing delivered his gratitude for Yuncheng University leaders¡¯ appreciations and recommendation. He said that he would make himself part of the team as quickly as he could, and with his deligence and relentless efforots, he was confident that he would lead the faculty of the Department of Physical Education to realize a rapid growth as a team, help the younger teachers to give full play to their potentials and make positive contributions to the Univeristy¡¯s transformal and leap-over development.
Vice President Liang Yongping gave an introduction to the¡°131¡± Leading Academic Talents Program of Shangxi Province. At present, there are altother 17 candiates for this talent engineering program, including 9 specially invited professors ( 1 member of Chinese Engineering Academy, 8 domestic well-known scholars), 8 excellent top creative talents. Professor Liu Bing is just one of the specially invited professors. Liang Yongping expressed the hope that with Professor Liu¡¯s guidence and assisstance, the overall level of the teaching staff of the Department of Physical Education of our University would average up, young teachers¡¯ educational background would be optimized, more and more high-level academic papers would be published and high-level researching projects would be submitted; subject construction would undergo tranformal developments; and Professor Liu would play a positive role in submitting significant national and provincial plan programs, establishing an in-depth cooperation between Yuncheng University and Shanghai University of Sport and improving the qualities of talent cultivation and the capabilities for serving the society. He also hoped that with the spirit of being 'higher, faster, stronger¡±, the Department of Physical Education would take favor of such an opportunity to promote the teaching staff construction, subject construction, academic research and the cooperations among production, study and research and to improve the qualities of talent cultivation.
Professor Liu Bing was born in Huangshan£¬Anhui Province in January, 1969. He is now Professor, a Doctor¡¯s Supervisor, Doctor of Gymnastic and Humanistic Sociology of Shangxi University of Sport, Post Doctorate of Business Administration of Fudan University, Post Doctorate of Gymnatic Management and Scheming of Wes Flexion University in Finland. Besides the titles of one of the¡°Kunlun Scholors¡± of Qing Hai Province, one of the winners of Pujiang Plan and Top Ten Creative Youths of Yangpu District of Shanghai, he has also been chosen as one of the ten ¡° Good Teachers in the Students¡¯ Eyes¡± of Shangxi University of Sport. For the past few years, he has presided in succession over issues on the state research of philosophy and social sciences, on the important decisions made by the People¡¯s Government of Shanghai, and on the research of philosophy and social sciences sponsored by State Physical Culture Administration, etc, altogether nearly ten. He has published 4 monographs, more than 50 academic papers on Chinese core journals at home and he¡¯s also the special-column author of the journal named Chinese Sports Coaches.

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