April 29,2014
The Fourth Meeting of the Second Session of Yuncheng University Faculty Congress is Held
On March 21st, the fourth meeting of the second session of Yuncheng University Faculty Congress was held ceremoniously in Grand Hedong Hall. University leaders Cui Keyong, Yao Jihuan, Zhao Xiaoshi, Wang Zhuomin, Zhang Fengqin, , Liang Yongping, Li Shenming as well as the Party committee member He Zhengyun, Labor Union chairman He Qingshan attended the meeting. 108 faculty representatives, 7 specially invited representatives, 73 nonvoting delegates attended the meeting.
The Congress included two phases; the first phase was chaired by Zhao Xiaoshi, Deputy Secretary of University Party Committee.
At the meeting, President Yao Jihuan delivered a report entitled "Emancipate the Mind, Deepen the Reform, Transform and Upgrade, and Strive for an Applied Technology University". The report reviewed and summarized University¡¯s work in 2013, made arrangements for the main tasks in 2014. President Yao pointed out that ¡°Main Working Tasks in 2014¡± made clear the whole idea and main tasks for this year; we must understand, grasp and implement the tasks; and promote the faculty to achieve their objectives for the year. His repot emphasized on seven aspects: transformation and development, system construction of modern university, university conditions construction, financial work, security and stability work, target responsibility work, livelihood and services. He stressed that the circumstances and general trend forced local universities especially the newly ones to transform to applied technology university. The next 5- year or even 10-year strategic goal for Yuncheng University was to transform to applied technology university. We could say that the transformation was a battle which decides the future fate of Yuncheng University. He proposed the following requirements for the work in 2014: First, we should put the university career as our first priority, be of one heart and one mind, and seek common development. Second, we should make the transformation development as the core, strengthen confidence and forge ahead. Third, we should make the rectification requirements as standards, be perseverant and improve work style.
During the meeting, being highly responsible for University, fellow deputies listened carefully to the President¡¯s work report and the financial report made by Planning and Finance deputy director Zhu Haiyun. The deputies also listened to the proposals¡¯ processing situation by labor union chairman He Qingshan who was on behalf of the Conference Preparatory Group. In the delegation group discussion, representatives from various aspects of University positively discussed the overall situation of University reform and development. They proposed many valuable comments and constructive suggestions on the University work, especially on how to deepen reform, transform and upgrade.
The second phase of the Congress was chaired by Deputy Secretary of Party committee Zhao Xiaoshi. Delegates voted by show of hands, examined and approved the President¡¯s work report and the finance report.
Finally, University Party committee secretary Cui Keyong made an important speech. He pointed out that the successful convening of the Congress would become an important milestone in the University development history. It would have a significant impact on further promoting running university by law and democracy. He hoped all the comrades of the participants do the propaganda work well, and convey to every faculty member the spirit of the meeting; thus, every faculty member could base on their own work to make new and greater contributions to our University. Secretary Cui stressed, in order to complete the main tasks solidly we should make efforts in two aspects. First, we should implement three kinds of thinking to guide work scientifically: have strategic thinking, focus on the overall situation and follow the general trend; use systematic thinking, take the whole into consideration but do the job bit by bit; have the thinking of adhering to the bottom line, plan carefully and act positively. Second, we must conscientiously practice the ¡°three strictness" requirement, perseveringly change the work style. We should be strict with self-cultivation, right-exercise and self-discipline; also we should be steady in planning matters, doing pioneering work and conducting ourselves.
He earnestly pointed out that facing the overall trend of rectification implementation, work style changing, reform deepening, transformation and improving quality, we have no option but to be brave, courageous, and determined; thus we can adapt to the situation, grab opportunity and win the initiative. He called on the entire faculty to unit together, adhere to the scientific thinking to guide our work, change the work style perseveringly. We should unit our thinking on the career, focus on to do practical things, m effort to implement, and create a better and more glorious future for Yuncheng University.
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