June 12,2014
Sun Baoguo, a Member of the Chinese Engineering Academy, Officially Joined Yuncheng University

It was on the morning of May 7th. Sun Baoguo, a member of the Chinese Engineering Academy, Vice-president of Beijing Technology and Business University, officially became one of the ¡°131¡± Leading Talents of Shanxi Province and the specially invited professor of the Food Major of Yuncheng University after he took the letter of appointment from the hands of Yao Jihuan, President of Yuncheng University. Cui Keyong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yuncheng University, who was overwhelmed by joy, said excitely, ¡°this is a good fortune for not only Shanxi higher education but also Yuncheng University!¡±

Leaders of Yuncheng University have always paid much attention to the recruitment and cultivation of talents. In July, 2013, the Education Department of Shanxi Province lauched government bonds with the value of 0.2 billion£¤ to start the ¡°131¡± Leading Talents Program in 21 regulat colleges and universities of Shanxi Province (including: recruitment and cultivation of 100 academicians or academician candidates from the Chinese Academy of Science and the Chinese Engineering Academy; invitation, recruitment, selection and sposoring of 300 well-known scholars and academicn leaders at home; selection, sponsoring and cultivation of 100 excellent young and middle-aged outstanding innovative talents across the colleges and universities in Shangxi Province). Through various efforts, our unverities has managed to recruite Sun Baoguo, such a top-noth scholar and other 9 well-known scholars, which indeed makes it go ahead of the colleges and universities of the same kind in the whole province.

Academician Sun Baoguo is a famous expert in the field of spice and food additive in our country. For his splendid academic achievements made in the research and application of meat flavor, he was elected supplementally in 2009 as a member of the Chinese Engineering Academy. So far, he has presided in succession over 4 State Natural Science Fund Programs, 7 National ¡°973¡±, ¡°863¡± and Sci-Tech Support Programs, published 9 scholarly treatises and more than 200 academic papers, more than 60 of which were included in SCI and EI. He has got 15 authorized patents for invention, and as the first one who has completed the inventions, he has been awarded 1 Second Prize of the National Technical Invention Award, 2 Second Progress Prizes in Science and Techology, 3 Ministerial-level First Progress Prizes and 3 Second Progress Prizes in Scence and Technology, all of which have earned for him high reputations in the academic circle.

On the appointment ceremony, academician Sun Baoguo said that in recent years great changes have taken place in Yuncheng University, especially its teaching quality, which has improved so much. He said he would, in the key phase for ¡°transitional and quality-improving¡±development of Yuncheng University, do his best to make the discipline construction and scientific research of the Food Major go further. After the ceremony, he carried out his work without delay. He went to the Department of Life Science, examined the instrument and equipment in the lab closely, communicated with teachers warmly and gave the teachers and students of the Department of Life Science two academic reports with the titles of ¡°Food Addictive and Food Security¡± and ¡°The Modernization of the Traditional Chinese Food¡±. The reports, which were rich in content, pithy in exposition, broad in vision and vivid in presentation, won rounds of applauses.

At the symposium held on the afternoon of May, 8th, academicain Sun Baoguo gave his penetrated opinions on how the Department of Life Science would do better in scientific research team construction, reporting fund projects, carrying out cooperations by production, study and research, and reporting professional master station, etc. ¡°The greater an expert is, the smaller field of research he engages himself in,¡±Sun said. He encouraged the young doctors to pinpont on their field of research as quickly as they can, based on their original discipline basis and the situation of the department. As for the the scientific research team construction, he pointed out the necessity of a capable leader to bring in more resources, projects and funds. He expressed the hope that everybody of the team should be broad-minded, confident and high-spirited to make the cooperative strength of the team give full play to guarantee the cause go smoothly.

In his two years¡¯employment term, academican Sun Baoguo will come to Yuncheng University many times to fullfill the guiding work, including give precious advice on our University¡¯s development, talent cultivation, discipline and specialty constructions, helping the young teachers of the Department of Life Science to report more scientific research projects, to carry out more project cooperations and interdisciplinary and inter-trade exchanges. Undoubtedly, he will surely work hard to cultivate more young academic backbone teachers and build an academic team strong in cohesion and strength to make positive contributions for our University¡¯s earlier transformation into a univerity of applied technology.

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