September 30,2014
Celebration of the 30th Teachers¡¯ Day

¡°Being grateful, today we express sincere gratitude here. Dear teachers, you are models in our hearts forever!¡± Affectionate chant echoed in the Grand Hedong Hall. On September 10th, Yuncheng University¡¯s Celebration of the 30th Teacher¡¯s Day and the Commendation Conference was held in Grand Hedong Hall. University leaders Cui Keyong, Yao Jihuan, Zhao Xiaoshi, Liu Ziqiang, Zhang Fengqin, Liang Yongping, Li Shenming and Party committee member He Zhengyun gathered together with student and faculty representatives to celebrate the special day.
The university deputy party secretary Zhao Xiaoshi announced the recognition decision, then Ma Peiqin, Yu Hui and other 55 exemplary teachers and advanced workers walked on the podium; they gained joy and glory. Nan Lili, the Exemplary teacher representative from Department of Computer Science and Technology made the award-winning speech. She said she would make Teachers¡¯ Day as a new starting point, and work hard with all teachers to strive for a better tomorrow of the university. On behalf of all students, Song Junge from Chinese Department expressed good wishes and great respect to teachers.‍
Deputy Secretary of Party committee, University Principal Yao Jihuan published an enthusiastic speech. Representing university Party committee and administration, he expressed greetings and heartfelt thanks to all the teachers, and gave ¡°respect¡± as the best gift for all the teachers. He pointed out that ¡°to respect we must first understand teachers¡±. The respect starts from understanding; there is no genuine respect if there is no true understanding. Respecting teachers, we should strive to provide better service for them: firstly, to fully respect and guarantee the fundamental rights of teachers; secondly, to fully respect the work and personality of teachers; thirdly, to provide better conditions and treatment to teachers as far as possible. He introduced the touching stories of the University late well-known professor, national famous speech artist Jing Kening. He hoped we learn from Mr. Jing¡¯s rules of conduct, advocating morality and cultivating moral character; learn from his learning view, being strict and study tirelessly; learn from his educational method, teaching and educating devotedly; thus we can let the students of Yuncheng University grow healthily in careful nurturing.‍
Party Secretary Cui Keyong chaired the conference and delivered an important speech. He pointed out that the theme of this year's Teacher¡¯s Day is ¡°Take the lead in practice the socialist core values¡±. On how to cultivate and practice the socialist core values, he proposed three points: First, we must fully recognize and understand the great meaning of practicing the socialist core values; second, taking the lead in practice the socialist core values is teachers¡¯ responsibility; thirdly, we should actively guide students to practice the socialist core values. He stressed that all the faculty should seriously study General Secretary Xi Jinping¡¯s important speech on educational work, and his address at the forum in Beijing Normal University. We should also learn the important speech of provincial party secretary Wang Rulin, being a good teacher who meets the Party and the people¡¯s satisfaction, and leading the healthy growth of students. He stressed that at present, our University¡¯s Party¡¯s mass line educational practice and rectification work is further deepening. Transition and upgrading has become a consensus. With more enthusiasm, better mental state, and more pragmatic style, all university faculties should take the lead in practicing the socialist core values; fully implement the fundamental task of moral composition and talents cultivation, to make new and greater contributions in improving our University¡¯s teaching and education quality comprehensively.‍

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