October 10,2014
Yuncheng University Observes the Grand Opening of 2014-grade Students¡¯s Military Training Report-back Performance and Summing-up Meeting

Bright and brave, the procession, striding forward, sings a song of victory. It was on the stadium of the new campus on September 26th. The magnificent and mighty troops on parade, which were made up of more than 5400 freshmen, took turns to pass by the platform for being reviewed by the school leaders and military senior officials. Here and now, Yuncheng University was observing the grand opening of 2014-grade Students¡¯s Military Training Report-back Performance and Summing-up Meeting. Shool leaders, including Cui Keyong, Yao Jihuan, Zhao Xiaoshi, Liu Ziqiang, Zhang Fengqiang, Liang Yongping, Li Shenming, member of the Party Committee He Zhengyun, Political Commisar of People¡¯s Armed Force Department of the Salt-lake District Chen Fuqiang, Deputy Political Commisar of Yuncheng Armed Force Detachment Yan Shengchun, Training Section Chief of Yuncheng Military Sub-command Li Jian. etc, attended the meeting. Students of grade 2014, Deputy Secretaries and freshmen Conselors from all departments were all present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Liang Jincai.
With the marching music of military parade, three soldiers took the University banner from President Yao¡¯s hands and strided to the heads of the military force. ¡°Go according to the plan¡±, announced Cui Keyong, Secterary of the Party Committee. Then the 2014-grade freshmen began to give their military training report-back performance. There were altogether 14 companies of troups, nearly 80 square-shaped formations to be reviewed. Their orderly ranks, vigorous spirits, resonant slogans, standard movements, displayed ten days¡¯ military training fruits, fully demonstrated contemporary college students¡¯ good comprehensive quality and mental outlook, which registered deeply in teachers and students¡¯ minds. 
    Liu Ziqiang, Group Leader of Yuncheng University¡¯s Military Training Leader Group, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, fully affirmed in his speech the great achievements made in this military training. The achievment could not be made without the strong support from the military leaders, the elaborate guidance from all the military training instructors, the responsible and careful work from all the freshmen conselors and military training working staff, and above all, the students¡¯ efforts. An enthusiastic applause broke out on the statium. It was the heartfelt gratitude and lofty respect that the students extended to the military leaders and instructors. Secretary Liu hoped that, the students, by learning the soldiers¡¯ patriotic sentiment, professional ethics, trustworthy style of work and friendly manners, could take responsible attitude to college study, set the highest demands on theirselves, pursue being outstanding, be persistent, shoulder the responsibility for a wealthy, strong country and national revival, and make arduous efforts to make the great ¡°Chinese Dream¡± come true.  
Secretary of the Party Committee Cui Keyong gave a silk banner to the military leaders and instructors to show the sincere gratitude for their hard work.   

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