November 20,2014
Gervan Fearon, President of Brandon University of Canada Visits Yuncheng University
In the afternoon of November 2nd, Gervan Fearon, President of Brandon University of Canada visited our Univerity for exchanges. The party who came with him included David Rowland, the Univeristy¡¯s Director of International Programs, Zhang Ling, the Univeristy¡¯s Chief of China Office, Zhao Yong, Chief of Shanxi Office of the National Scholarship Management Committee. President Yao Jihuan gave a warm welcome to the guests and they finally signed a cooperation agreement. Director of Foreign Affairs Office Zhang Qingwen, Deputy Director of the Administration Office and the Office of Party Committee Du Quanzhong, and Deputy Director of the Department of Music Yang Yongbing also attended the symposium.
In the symposium, President Yao Jihuan first made a brief introduction of our University¡¯s discipline construction, specialty setting, talents training and cooperation in running schools, etc. He then took Hedong culture as an example to explain our Univeristy¡¯s subject superiority and specialized characteristics. He said, our Univeristy had paid great attention to international exchanges and cooperation that its forms and contents gradually got enriched and the level constantly improved. He expressed the hope to carry out exchanges and cooperations between our two Universities on the basis of increased understanding. President Gervan Fearon responded that, he was very honored to visit Yuncheng University, such a University with profound cultural deposits, and he was grateful to the warm welcome he had received. He also introduced the history of Brandon University, its conditions for running school, discipline construction, talents training mode and characteristics of running school, and hoped to estabish the exchange-and-cooperation relationship with our University. According to him, although our two Universities are far away in distance, they have broad basis for cooperation, and today is the very good beginning to carry out cooperation. He said he would look forward to further understanding and cooperations to improve the level of school-running for our two Universities.                  
After the symposium, the two Presidents signed a cooperation framework agreement.
And accompanied by President Yao, President Gervan Fearon and the other guests visited the campus.
Brandon University is located in the city of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Founded in 1899, it is a public university with more than 3000 students and 30 departments. Famous for its music and other art professions, and people-oriented as its teaching tradition, it has excellent academic atmosphere. Especially its Conservatory of Music, which has so long a history, is second to none in Canada. Communities around Brandon University are peaceful and simple. Not large in size, Brandon Univeristy ranks 16th among the Universities in Canada.
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