April 21,2015
The Fifth Meeting of the Second Session of Yuncheng University Faculty Congress is Held
Fulfilling "Democratic management in accordance with the law, making recommendations actively", on March 26th, the fifth meeting of the second session of Yuncheng University Faculty Congress was held ceremoniously in Grand Hedong Hall. University leaders Cui Keyong, Yao Jihuan, Zhao Xiaoshi, Wang Zhuomin, Zhang Fengqin, , Liang Yongping, Li Shenming as well as the Party committee member He Zhengyun, Labor Union chairman He Qingshan attended the meeting. 109 faculty representatives, 6 specially invited representatives, 39 nonvoting delegates attended the meeting.
The Congress included two phases; the first phase was chaired by Zhao Xiaoshi, Deputy Secretary of University Party Committee.
At the meeting, President Yao Jihuan delivered a report entitled "Deepen reform, transform and upgrade all round, and strive for the connotation development of University". The report reviewed and summarized University's work in 2014, made explanations to Yuncheng University Constitution and two more files, and made arrangements for the main tasks in 2015. President Yao pointed out that the general requirements for the work in 2015 are as following:  conscientiously implement the spirit of Party's 18th National Congress as well as the Third and Fourth Plenum of the Eighteenth Session; follow the spirit of the series important speech by general secretary Xi Jinping; practice the "Four Comprehensive" strategic layout; implement the Party's education policies; commit the fundamental task of moral education; create a new aspect of applied talents cultivation; provide personnel security and intellectual support for our province's "Six Development". In 2015, there are six main tasks: Firstly, we should proof scientifically, and carefully formulate the "Thirteen Five Year Plan". Secondly, we should work solidly, and launch comprehensively the reform and upgrade work. Thirdly, we should manage the University in accordance with the law; strive to build a modern university system. Fourthly, the work should be centered on education; we should improve the teaching quality. Fifthly, we should stick the bottom line; to build a civilized and harmonious campus. Sixthly, we should in strict accordance with the discipline; do the financial, audit and anti-corruption work well. He called on the entire faculty to unit together and work solidly under the correct leadership of the Party committee. He hoped the entire faculty could complete the various tasks successfully with full spirit and wholehearted enthusiasm, and strive for the University's connotation development.
During the meeting, being highly responsible for University, fellow deputies listened carefully to the President's work report and the financial report made by Planning and Finance deputy director Zhu Haiyun. The deputies also listened to the proposals' processing situation by labor union chairman He Qingshan who was on behalf of the Conference Preparatory Group. Representatives from various aspects of University offered advice and suggestions positively. They proposed pertinent comments and suggestions on the University work, especially on the important issues such as how to transform and upgrade as well as the University connotation development.
The second phase of the Congress was chaired by Deputy Secretary of Party committee Zhao Xiaoshi. Delegates voted by show of hands, examined and approved the President's work report and the finance report.
Finally, University Party committee secretary Cui Keyong made an important speech. He pointed out that this Congress was a democratic and pragmatic one; it drew on the wisdom of masses; it carried forward our cause and forge ahead into the future; it was a swearing of transformation upgrading and connotation development; it was a mobilization Congress to deepen the comprehensive reform. After the Congress, the University would carefully comb and research the suggestions of all the representatives. The suggestions would be fully taken into account and adopted reasonably in future work. The delegations should attach great importance to the proposal work; continue to organize representatives listen to the views of staff extensively, and write good proposals promoting reform and upgrading. At the same time, he hoped all the representatives convey to every faculty member the spirit of the Congress as soon as possible; thus, every faculty member could base on their own work, forge ahead and make new and greater contributions to our University. To do the work in 2015 well, secretary Cui emphasized three points: Firstly, get a clear understanding of the situation and strengthen confidence; unswervingly adhere to transformation and upgrading; secondly, overall plan and breakthrough at key points, promote transformation and upgrading in an orderly way; thirdly, improve the style and be enthusiastic, go all out to safeguard transformation and upgrading. He earnestly pointed out that whether the University can achieve transformation, upgrading and connotation development depends on the efforts of every faculty member. We must be inspired and united, grasp opportunity and take responsibility. We should mobilize all faculties to go all out, emancipate the mind, seek truth, overcome difficulties and move forward; continue to promote the University development to a new level.
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