June 16,2015
The Brilliant 13th Track and Field Games of Yuncheng University

Ignite sport passion, burst youthful vitality. At 7:30 on April 24th, the opening ceremony of the 13th Track and Field Games of Yuncheng University raised the curtain in the East Stadium. University leaders Cui keyong, Yao Jihuan, Liu Ziqiang, Liang Jincai, Zhang Fengqin, as well as Party committee member He Zhengyun attended the opening ceremony. All the athletes, referees, faculty and students watched the grand opening show. The opening ceremony was presided over by the Party committee member, vice president Wang Zhuomin.
The delegations of each department marched in orderly pace. After their admittance, the Party Committee, Secretary of Discipline Committee Liu Ziqiang made an opening speech. He pointed out that the Track and Field Games is the implementing of the education aim "comprehensive development" by Party and the state. The Games is an important and indispensable part in University¡¯s teaching activities. He hoped all the athletes, faculty and students could experience the charm of the contest, interpret the spirit of sport, and demonstrate good personal qualities and a good team image.
The group dance competition "rhythm of youth" was very spectacular. Players from all departments have taken great pains to practice the group dance. The players from the department of life science exceeded tidy and uniform, sonorous and forceful step. Their performance drew cheers and screams constantly. Accompanying by a melodious song of "What a beautiful jasmine", the players from the department of Chinese  entered the stadium. They held folding fans, made remarkable dance moves; and the audience was immersed in the world of flowers. Through group dance, the players transferred the power of dream, interpreted the spirit of sportsmanship.
The athletes also made good performance. On the track of 10 ¡Á 400-meter relay, after the referee giving the order of ¡°ready, steady¡±, each athlete held their breath and concentrated, they were like the soldiers waiting for orders to assault. ''Bang'', the starting gun rang, the players flew like an arrow up on the runway. "Come on, Come on", the track was full of students who come to cheer. The cheerleaders were so enthusiastic.
In the two-day event, nine students broke a total of seven records of University Games. Liao Zhenhua from the department of life sciences broke the records for three times. The Games promoted competitive sports through mass sports; vice versa, the Games mobilized mass sports through competitive sports. The faculty and students were beginning to walk out of the office and dormitory, go to the playground and activity room. Faculty and students¡¯ good physical exercise habits were developed, and their physical quality and health were improved.
In the afternoon of April 25th, the Track and Field Games lowered the curtain. Party committee member, vice president Wang Zhuomin said in the closing speech: Although the two-day Games came to an end soon, but the development of sports and national fitness shall never end. All the staff and students shall really establish the idea of ¡°Exercise one hour a day, work healthily for 50 years, and live a whole happy life." Everyone should participate in a sport, master a sport skill, and enjoy the joy of sport; then we can be confident, open-minded and healthy.

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