September 30,2015
The Commendation Meeting of Yuncheng University for the Celebration of the 31st Teacher¡¯s Day

With beautiful songs echoing around Hedong auditorium, Yuncheng University held a grand commendation meeting for the celebration of the 31st Teacher¡¯s Day on September 9.  The leaders Cui Keyong, Yao Jihuan, Liu Ziqiang, Liang Jincai, Zhang Fengqin, Liang Yongping, Li Shenming, as well as the member of Party Committee He Zhengyun participated the meeting, celebrating this special day with teachers and students.
Secretary of Commission Liu Ziqiang announced the recognition decision, and 62 model teachers and advanced workers, such as Yuan Shaochong, Wang Ruifeng, etc. stepped on the podium and earned a place of honor and happiness.  Doctor Yang Haiying, teacher of Department of Applied Chemistry gave an acceptance speech on behalf of all model teachers: Ever since I became a teacher, I have learned the essence of dedication and hard work, as well as love and tolerance.  A university should be a place where a dream starts.  We teachers should possess ¡°Four Haves¡± (have revolutionary ideals, sound morals, good education and s strong sense of discipline) and help students realize their own dreams on their way forward.  The student of Foreign Language Department Shen Jiang expressed best wishes and highest respect for teachers on behalf of all the students.  He said the students would bear in mind all the teachings and strive to become beneficial high-quality talents.
Vice-secretary of Party Committee and president Yao Jihuan delivered a passionate speech.  He presented best wishes for all teachers and faculty members who work industriously on teaching, research, service and administration; he also expressed high respect and sincere gratitude for the teachers who made great contribution to the development of the university on behalf of Party Committee.  He said, running a university needs firm and correct orientation and scientific subject and specialty structure, as well as a high-quality teachers¡¯ team with noble morals, exquisite teaching skills, rational structure, and high vitality.  The core of a good university lies in good teachers and it¡¯s not enough to express our care and attention to teachers on just one day and one commendation.  We should run the idea of ¡°respecting knowledge, intellectual, labor and creation¡± through our daily work and everyday life.  We should help and support teachers advance on their career and practice party¡¯s mass line by fully respecting teachers¡¯ democratic rights and resolving their worries in life to make teachers feel respected, proud and happy in Yuncheng University.  At the same time, he expressed the hope that all the teaching and administrative staff should make the update of their own knowledge structure and transformation of professional emphasis according to the requirements of application personnel training model to promote vigorous development of Yuncheng University.
Secretary of Party Committee Cui Keyong presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.  He raised three expectations: firstly, the style of teaching and studying should be enhanced according to the requirements of ¡°Three Stricts and Three Steadies¡±; secondly, teaching and education level should be improved with the implementation of ¡°Four Haves¡± standard; thirdly, socialist core value should be infused into the process of education.  He brought forward the requirements that party organizations and departments at all levels should care and support teachers¡¯ development and improve their working and living conditions with further practical actions.  In the meanwhile, he hoped all the teaching and administrative staff could strengthen teachers¡¯ ethics and morals construction and improve teaching and education quality with loyalty to education, persistence to university spirit and selfless love for the students so that we can unit with one mind and one heart and co-create beautiful future of Yuncheng University. 

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