September 30,2015
The 2015-grade Students¡¯ Opening Ceremony and Mobilization Conference on Military Training is Held
On September 14th, the opening ceremony and military training mobilization Conference for 2015-grade students was held on the east stadium of the new campus. University leaders Cui Keyong, Yao Jihuan, Liu Ziqiang, Wang Zhuomin, Zhang Fengqin, Liang Yongping, Li Shenming as well as the Party Committee member He Zhengyun etc. attended the meeting. All the students of grade 2015, the department heads, secretaries, deputy secretaries, and freshmen counselors from all departments were all present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the secretary of the Party committee Cui Keyong.
After the chorus of the majestic national anthem, University President Yao Jihuan as well as the deputy secretary of the Party committee delivered an important speech. On behalf of all the faculties and students, President Yao warmly welcomed the grade-2015 students to join in the big family of Yuncheng University. Then he raised three questions: what is university, what kind of university Yuncheng University is, and how to spend the univesity life. By explaining these questions, he interpreted the basic connotation of university, the development, orientation as well as training objectives of Yuncheng Univesity. He emphasized on the Yuncheng University¡¯s motto ¡°Moral Integrity and Value Realization¡±; he hoped students could cultivate their moral character and make a difference, and regard these qualities as struggle direction for the next four years even the whole life. Meanwhile, he expected and required all freshmen to get rid of fickleness and refuse coziness. He affectionately said that the quality of your university even your whole life depend on your attitude, endeavor, and perseverance. He expected all freshmen of Yuncheng University could keep pure and persistent feelings, and passionate vigor. He hoped all the students could have an energetic university life. Only by full strive in the long river of time can we gain the medal of honor for our life.
On the opening ceremony, teachers'representative Zu Yan from College English Department put forward good suggestions about role transition and time seizing. Students'representative Zhang Yin from Chinese Department shared her experience of growing up. Freshmen¡¯s representative Liu Xiao from Physics and Electronic Engineering Department expressed his determination of working hard and making efforts in Yuncheng University.
On the second phase of the Conference, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission as well as member of the Party Committee Liu Ziqiang proposed following expectations and requirements to all the training instructors, staffs and training students: first, we should realize fully the important significance of college students carrying out military training activities£»second, all freshmen should correct attitude, keep up spirits and commit to military training; third, all training instructors should develop the fine traditions and styles of the People¡¯s army, set an example to students; fourth, all leading instructors, political counselors and staffs should be devoted to their duties and do logistic work well; fifth, we should strengthen the safety and security insurance to ensure the smooth implementation of the military training. Liu hoped students could cherish the military training opportunity. He also expected the students could demonstrate young University students'full energey, strong perseverance, powerful posture and grand vigor.
Yang Bingyan, Chief of Yuncheng armed police detachment, extended warm congratulations to all freshmen in his speech. He expected the training students could set strict demands on themselves, train hard in military training. He hoped the students could develop the soldier sprit of no afraid of hardship, dare to overcome difficulties and challenge themselves, and complete military training successfully. Meanwhile, he hoped the students could shoulder consciously the responsibility of promoting the development of the country and society, work hard and make efforts to enrich themselves and become the national pillars.
Bi Dongliang, the instrutors'representative promised seriously that he would train scientifically, require strictly and do the due diligence. He would build a good soldier image and spend the rich and attractive military training life with all teachers and students. Training students'representative Chen Xiaobin said that he would observe disciplines and obey orders, and be strict with himself on the soldier¡¯s criteria and witness his growth of youth in the hardship.
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