December 11,2015
President Henrik from Poland Gdansk University Paid the Visit to Yuncheng University
On November 9, President Henrik from Poland Gdansk University of Technology paid the visit to Yuncheng University. The attaches include Vice-president Jacek Marconi, who is in charge of cooperation and innovation; the directors from Economics and Management School, Chemical Education School, Electrical and Control Engineering School also paid the visit. Yuncheng University Vice-president Liang Yongping, director of Applied Chemistry Department Gong Qiaojuan, director of Physics and Electronics Engineering Department Nie Hexian, secretary Wang Tianen and deputy director Zhang Zhigang from Economic Management Department, deputy director of Electrical and Mechanical Department Xu Baohui participated in the discussion. Director of Foreign Affairs Office Zhang Qingwen presided over the forum.
At the forum, Vice-President Liang Yongping extended a warm welcome to the arrival of President Henrik and his colleagues. Liang introduced to Henrik Yuncheng University¡¯s location, history, culture as well as nowadays development. Located at the southernmost tip of Shanxi Province, Yuncheng is the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Today, there are 14 departments and nearly 50 majors for Yuncheng University. The talent training is positioned at ¡°application technology¡±; the main development fields are the engineering field, the field of business and economy, and normal education field. Vice-president Liang said Yuncheng University took ¡°running the University openly¡± as development strategies. The university would strengthen international cooperation and exchanges. The development goals would be ¡°first-class disciplines, first-class university¡±.
Liang mentioned that the cooperation way could be send our students to learn in Poland; or exchange students mutually. It was also possible to send our teachers to learn in Poland. In May, 2015, two students of Yuncheng University has become the ¡°2 + 2¡± exchange students. He hoped that the corporation could promote bilateral better development. President Henrik said that his visit to Yuncheng University was mainly because of the rapid development of Chinese economy and the excellence of Chinese students. He hoped that the cooperation could promote the tendency of opening. Vice-president and Professor Jacek Marconi expressed that the environment was very important for human survival and development; and Gdansk University has a wealth of experience in the professional aspects of environmental engineering. Gdansk University was willing to expand cooperation and exchanges with Yuncheng University in these fields.
After the forum, teachers from the departments of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Economics and Management, Applied Chemistry, Electrical and Mechanical conducted more in-depth exchanges with the corresponding foreign professors.
During the visit, Principle Henrik delivered a special report of Gdansk University¡¯s situation to our students. He sincerely invited Yuncheng University¡¯s faculty and students to come to Gdansk University of Technology for exchange and learning.
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