May 16,2016
The Brilliant 14th Track and Field Games of Yuncheng University
Ignite sport passion, burst youthful vitality. At 7:30 on April 22th, the opening ceremony of the 14th Track and Field Games of Yuncheng University raised the curtain in the Shiji Shuguang Stadium. University leaders Cui keyong, Yao Jihuan, Liu Ziqiang, Liang Jincai, Wang Zhuomin, Zhang Fengqin, Liang Yongping, Li Shenmin as well as Party committee member He Zhengyun attended the opening ceremony. All the athletes, referees, faculty and students watched the grand opening show.
The delegations of each department marched in orderly pace to the rostrum. After their admittance, the Party Committee, Secretary of Discipline Committee Liu Ziqiang made an opening speech. He pointed out that the University¡¯s physical education is an important part for students¡¯ humanistic quality. Participating sports activities, students could stretch physically and mentally, exercise their will, cultivate their taste, and develop teamwork spirit as well as healthy lifestyle. He expressed that physical education was always an important work in Yuncheng University, and the development of all kinds of sports activities enriched our cultural life on campus, and furnished life as well as vigor to the development of University.
Unlike previous years, the 14th Games adopted art performance rather than team gymnastics. All departments showed their most charming gestures reflecting their spirit. The art performance began from the exotic dance of Foreign Language department. The combination of passionate Paso Doble dancing and Hawaii Hula dancing, which featured changing formations and graceful dance, brought us a brand-new visual enjoyment. And the boys from Electromechanical Engineering Department dressed in military uniform, showed their manliness through the action of falling down, side slam, grappling as well as breaking the bricks. As the national flag rising, the scenery gives us a feeling of majesty. The department of Chinese performed a wonderful custom dance named ¡°Enjoying Youth¡±, which mixed Chinese traditional culture elements and the style is both tough and gentle. All students showed their best without fearless; their youth was like beautiful flowers blooming under sky. After 14 performances, the fervent sports game is beginning.
The athletes¡¯ passion cannot be blocked by hot weather. All students tried their best to make good performance. Needing 10 athletes to go all out, the 10 ¡Á 400-meter relay was a long process. With the signal of the judge, the players flew one by one like an arrow up on the runway, which made the audiences¡¯ blood boil exceedingly. The tug-of-war¡¯s players hold their breath, and each group was unwilling to give up. ¡°Come on, Come on¡±, the track was full of enthusiastic cheerleaders.
In the three-day event, four boys¡¯ sports games and one girl¡¯s sport game broke the records in Yuncheng University Games. During the sports meeting, all of the athletes worked tenaciously and courageously. And referees judged objectively. Even volunteers and stuffs served considerately and worked strictly as well as orderly in order to provide excellent logistical support. After the fierce competition, female athletes from the Departments of Life Sciences, Economic Management and Applied Chemistry won the top three prizes among the women. And male athletes from the Departments of Life Sciences, Electromechanical Engineering as well as Physics and Electronic Engineering won the top three prizes among the men. In addition, team athletes from the Departments of Life Sciences, Economic Management, Electromechanical Engineering, Physics and Electronic Engineering, Applied Chemistry as well as Politics and Law won the top six prizes in team sports.
In the afternoon of April 24th, the Track and Field Games lowered the curtain. Party committee member, vice president Wang Zhuomin addressed in the closing speech: although the three-day Games came to an end soon, it condensed students¡¯ hearts and minds, inspired their morale, and uplifted their spirit. Mr. Wang pointed out that the realization of Chinese dream, family¡¯s happiness and personal development requested us to have healthy body. He hoped all students to cultivate healthy consciousness, and to form the habit of excises in order to show their youth and vigor. He hoped the spirit of never giving up could extend in our future learning, working and life.
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