September 20,2016
Congress of the 32nd Teachers¡¯ Day and Commendation

Teachers work so hard with sweat to train their disciples. ¡°My dear teachers, thank you for your generous dedication of knowledge and talent to enrich our minds, and for your going full speed with activities for our optimal development.¡± Sincere blessings are dedicated to glorious gardeners----our teachers. On September 9th, Yuncheng University¡¯s Celebration of the 32nd Teacher's Day and the Commendation Conference was held in Grand Hedong Hall. University leaders and representatives of the faculty and students gathered together to celebrate the 32nd Teacher's Day. The conference is chaired by Party Secretary Cui Keyong.
Taking high moral values establishment and people cultivation as the fundamental task of education, all the teachers and staff, under the leadership of the college Party committee and college administration department, made great contributions to the development of Yuncheng University in the start year of the 13th Five Year Plan Development in the past year, and a bunch of model teachers and advanced workers emerged. Liu Ziqiang, the Party Committee Member and head of Commission for Discipline Inspection, announced the recognition decision, and 60 model teachers and advanced workers stepped on the podium and earned a place of honor and happiness.
Chen Huarong, the model teacher representative from Department of Political Science and Law, made the award-winning speech, saying he is an eyewitness and participant of the development of YCU. He also claimed that he would work hard as a good teacher and live up to everyone¡¯s expectation. On behalf of the students, Wang Man from Life Sciences Department expressed best wishes and highest respect for teachers, and promised they would aim high and discipline themselves strictly, striving to become excellent talents for China.
University deputy Party secretary, President Yao Jihuan finally made an important speech. On behalf of the Party committee and college administration department, he expressed sincere greetings to teachers who have worked hard in the forefront of teaching and staff in other positions and congratulated those model teachers and advanced workers. Then Yao reviewed and concluded the work in the past year briefly and reflected upon issues of the construction of the faculty team. Meanwhile, President Yao proposed clear request and earnest hope. He said, the 13th Five Year is a time of great importance to the development of YCU. It is not only a time of great strategic opportunity, but also a time of cause development requiring all the university faculty soldiering on. At this very time of both opportunities and challenges, the university should stay true to the mission, have a sense of crisis, and continue to develop; the administration section and teaching departments should take responsibility to build platforms and provide services for teaching and scientific research; and all the teachers should spare no efforts in improving their professional competence and self-cultivation. Leading groups of various levels and leading cadres should recognize the importance of teaching and teaching task from the perspective of university development, and guide the construction of favorable atmosphere of esteeming teachers and education.
At last, Yao expected that all the teachers and other staff could take the university development as their own mission, bear in mind the mission, and emancipate the minds, exploit and innovate new ideas, work hard with stronger confidence and realistic and pragmatic working style, to make Yuncheng University a high-level Application-oriented university with distinct characteristics as soon as possible.













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