September 20,2016
The 2016-grade Students¡¯ Opening Ceremony and Mobilization Conference on Military Training is Held in Yuncheng University
¡°If you want to encounter a new and better self four years later, then, from now on, you must cherish your university life, utilize your prehistorical powers and constantly go beyond yourself to create the most beautiful chapter using your youth, diligence and wisdom!¡± said by the President Yao Jihuan at the Opening Ceremony of Yuncheng University.
In the morning, the Opening Ceremony and Mobilization Conference on Military Training was held at the east stadium of the new campus. University leaders Yao Jihuan, Liu Ziqiang, Liang Jincai, Wang Zhuomin, Zhang Fengqin, Liang Yongping, Li Shenming as well as the Party Committee member He Zhengyun etc. attended the meeting. All the students of grade 2016, the department heads, secretaries, deputy secretaries, freshmen counselors and all the other leaders of relevant departments were all present at the meeting.
After the National Anthem, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and President Yao Jihuan made an important speech. On behalf of all the faculties and students, he warmly welcomed all the freshmen to join the big family of Yuncheng University. Then he started his speech by discussing the following three questions: ¡°Why do you go to university?¡± ¡°What kind of university is Yuncheng University?¡± and ¡°How will you receive your college education?¡±. He emphasized: ¡°Yuncheng University is a beautiful university with profound cultural atmosphere; it lays more emphasis on ¡®practice what you learnt¡¯ and ¡®all-round development¡¯; and it is a confident university with great personality.¡± He said, ¡°Yuncheng University could be the window that God opens for you, through which you can see the vast blue sky.¡± He gave his advices on ¡°how to receive college education¡±¡ª it does not matter where you receive your college education; what truly matters is how to receive it. Finally President Yao gave all the freshmen ¡°three sentences¡± as a present: ¡°Say No to laziness, and do it now¡±; ¡°Focus on learning, and put knowledge before money¡±; ¡°Know what is right and what is wrong, and look before you leap¡±.
At the Opening Ceremony, Dr. Yuan Shaochong, the teachers¡¯ representative from Department of Chinese, hoped that the students could seize the bright and glorious era and make the right choice. The students¡¯ representative, Shang Jin from the Department of Physics and Electronic Engineering, shared his experiences at the university. And the freshman representative, Nie Chaoyue from the Department of Chinese, expressed the determination of self-improvement and hard-working.
On the second phase of the conference, Party Committee member and Vice President Wang Zhuomin proposed following expectations and requirements to all the training instructors, staffs and training students: first, we should fully realize the significance of students¡¯ military training activities, and all freshmen should have the right attitude, keep up spirit and commit to the military training; second, all training instructors should develop the fine traditions and styles of the People¡¯s Army, and set an example to students; third, all leading instructors, political counselors and staffs should be devoted to their duties and do logistic work well to ensure the smooth implementation of the military training. He hoped that within the following four years, all the students could go forward bravely with great ideals; obtain new knowledge diligently; plunge into practice with enterprising spirit; show more great performance of youth; and dedicate to the great rejuvenation of Chinese for the whole life.
Li Binbin, the instructors¡¯ representative, promised seriously that he would train scientifically, require strictly and be conscientious and responsible. He would complete the military training with a good solider image and excellent military style. Du Ruoyi, the training students¡¯ representative, said he would respect instructors, obey orders, learn to grow through training, and taste the sweets and bitters of life and friendship.
President Yao Jihuan, Deputy Director of the Political Department of Yuncheng Military Subarea Jin Xuewu, Chief of Staff of Yuncheng Armed Police Detachment Zhang Qiang, and Deputy Minister of People¡¯s Armed Forces Department in Yanhu District of Yuncheng City Ban Haijing attended the mobilization conference on military training.


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