October 31,2016
Freshmen's Military Training Inspection
"Solidarity is power, unity is power. This power is iron, this power is steel ... ..." On September 23rd, resonant military songs and upright military stance appeared in Shiji Shuguang Stadium. Military training report and summary conference of Grade 2016 students was held ceremoniously. University leaders Cui Keyong, Yao Jihuan, Liu Ziqiang, Wang Zhuomin, Liang Yongping, Li Shenming and Party committee member He Zhengyun as well as senior officers from Yuncheng City Military Sub-District, Yuncheng Armed Police Detachment and the Salt Lake District Public Security Fire Brigade inspected the freshmen¡¯s military training results.
After the majestic national anthem, three soldiers guarding the university flag walked to the military field, the march-past performance officially began. More than 70 square teams walked through the rostrum with high-spirit morale and vigorous pace. The ¡°students soldiers¡± demonstrated heroic military stance and rigorous military manners, showing a wealth of training results. In 12 days of military training, all 2016 freshmen strictly demanded on themselves with an open mind to learn, trained hard with discipline. Their willpower was hardened in the hot sun, wind and rain. Although tanning made them dark and thin, they were stronger and mature than before. Students Wang Ying and Cao Zirong said: "in addition to muscle aches, military training days strengthen our perception of life; we learn too much which we cannot learn usually. We¡¯ll never regret to have the experience of being soldiers in our life." For the science-training instructors who was together with them day and night, students assessed them with full respect: ¡°These integrate meanwhile smart, serious meanwhile humorous instructors showcased their iron discipline, will and style, we see the real Chinese military style in them!¡±
Chorus which boosted morale was also in this year's military training. At the same time, a series of fire safety education and emergency evacuation drills were also carried out; the drills enhanced the students¡¯ fire emergency disposal skills. The activity is a strong impetus to University¡¯s fire safety management.
The Universtiy Party secretary Cui Keyong presented pennants to the Yuncheng City Military Sub-District, Yuncheng Armed Police Detachment and the Salt Lake District Public Security Fire Brigade.
Vice-principle Wang Zhuomin, headman of the Military Leadership Group summarized this year¡¯s military training in his concluding remarks. He said university leaders attached great importance to the military training; and the relevant departments arranged meticulously; all the students trained hard and tenaciously; the whole military training achieved training and teaching standardization. Grade 2016 freshmen generally accepted a vivid national defense education, military knowledge education and fire safety education. Students further strengthened their beliefs of loving Party and country, loving army and University. Their spirit of collectivism and fighting as well as organizational discipline and fire safety awareness were also further enhanced. The training realized desired purpose and achieved fruitful results. He hoped that the students could continue to maintain patriotism and undertaking spirit in their future university life even the whole long journey life. He hoped they could love the motherland, concern about national defense, study hard and make unremitting efforts for the great Chinese dream of National rejuvenation; could be qualified students who are worthy of the motherland, the times and people and always step forward!
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