March 14,2017
Leaders of YCU Check Up on the Start of the New Semester

On February 25th afternoon, the very first day of this new semester, under the leadership of Yao Jihuan, the new University Party Committee Secretary, and Liang Yongping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of YCU, all the leadership members and leaders of the university administration went to the departments, laboratory, canteen, and dormitory buildings to check up on the preparation for the new semester.
Yao and Liang stressed that stability is the very bottom of all work. The rules and regulations of the university library, laboratory, computer room, canteen and dormitory should be carried out thoroughly, and education and management of the security of electricity use should be brought to the forefront, and the fire-fighting devices should be well maintained and repaired in time. The safety of food and drinking-water is the very important work for the Logistics Department, check and repair of sports facilities for the Department of Physical Education, and automatic identification of license plate for the Security and Safeguard Department. In addition, propaganda and punishment should be employed together to ensure the safety of the university. The teaching departments should verify the situation of those teachers and students who are still absent from school, especially those students in financial difficulty, in order to offer aids to their study. Furthermore, attention should be paid to psychological problems of students.
Political responsibility and urgency of the safety and stability of YCU should be strengthened, and measurements should be taken to guarantee the stability and safety of YCU, especially during the period of the ¡°two sessions¡±. Secondly, to make the new semester go smoothly, all the teachers and workers and students should get ready with full enthusiasm. And make sure the preparation work and the systems concerned practicable. Thirdly, plan the work carefully to achieve new accomplishment in brand-new working and study atmosphere.
Yao stressed that it is of particular importance to employ the ideology of ¡°coming from mass and going to mass¡± in the work in 2017, thus to promote and guide the staff¡¯s enthusiasm in the discussion and work of the cause of YCU. The problems and difficulties found should be solved in time under the direction of YCU leaders.
The atmosphere of ¡°rising up early in the morning and rolling up sleeves to work with added energy¡± filled the campus in the spring of a new year.

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