March 14,2017
Yuncheng University to Build Cooperation with the Municipal Education Bureau in Implementation of the Provincial 1331 Development Plan
On 6th, March, with green willow branches waving in the warm spring wind, Lu Shengli, Director of Yuncheng Municipal Education Bureau, together with other leaders from the Bureau, visited Yuncheng University.
Yao Jihuan, the new Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, expressed a warm welcome to Lu and his group and thanks to the Municipal Education Bureau for the support over the years. On behalf of the leadership of Municipal Education Bureau and one million educators in Yuncheng, Lu congratulated Yao Jihuan and Liang Yongping on their new leadership positions. Lu said that the Bureau is willing to support the development of YCU as before, hoping to build close cooperation with YCU, thus to improve the quality of elementary and higher vocational education in Yuncheng with the aid of YCU and its good reputation.
Based on their work experience in education, other leaders of the Bureau also conveyed their goodwill to cooperate with YCU by introducing what they can do for the university and what kind of support they need from YCU. Leaders from administration departments of YCU also expressed their views on the cooperation. Vice President He Zhengyun and Huang Jieyu also offered suggestions for the cooperation based on their work experience.
President Liang Yongping briefed Lu and his group about YCU, and said it is our aim to integrate graduates from YCU into the economic and social development. Liang also said that in-depth cooperation between YCU and Yuncheng Municipal Education Bureau has been carried out for many years in the fields of training of principals of elementary and middle school, of key teachers, which set a specific ˇ°Yuncheng Modelˇ±in educational training and was honored by Shanxi Provincial Education Department. Liang stated that YCU will continue cooperating with the city government in cultivating application-oriented graduates who can fit into the social and economic development of Yuncheng in the future, thus to develop into a university with its own local characteristics. Difficulties in the development of YCU are also mentioned. Liang stated, however, that the leadership of YCU will make its contribution to the Provincial 1331 development plan, hoping the cooperation between YCU and the government as well as the enterprises will develop into a efficient mechanism by establishing synergy innovation center, engineering and technology research center, and industrial technology innovation strategy alliance in YCU. Liang also hopes that the cooperation between YCU and the Municipal Education Bureau can improve the exchange of teachers and sharing of books between the two. Meanwhile, YCU will further its internship teaching program in less developed areas of Yuncheng.
Lu and his group visited classrooms, laboratories, library and other teaching and living facilities.


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