April 6,2017
The 7th Meeting of 2nd Yuncheng University Faculty Congress is Held
The spring is coming, and the flowers are in full blossom. On March 27th, the 7th Meeting of 2nd Yuncheng University Faculty Congress was held ceremoniously in Hedong Lecture Hall. University leaders Yao Jihuan, Liang Yongping, Zhang Fengqin, Feng Ruiming, Liu Ziqiang, Li Shenming, He Zhengyun, Huang Jieyu, and the Labor Union Chairman He Qingshan, as well as 107 teachers and workers, 6 specially invited representatives, and 43 nonvoting delegates attended the meeting.
The meeting includes two phases. The first phase is chaired by Zhang Fengqin, Deputy Secretary of University Party Committee.
At the meeting, President Liang Yongping delivered a report entitled ¡°To persist in serving the development of local economic society as a basic direction; To strive hard for building application-oriented local university with distinct characteristics¡±. The report reviewed and summarized University¡¯s work in 2016, made arrangements for the main tasks in 2017. President Liang pointed out that 2017 is the key year in which our university will fully implement all aims and tasks of ¡°13th Five Year Plan¡±, and strive for building application-oriented local higher education institution with distinct characteristics. We will insist on one aim, two strategies and three developments in this year and future. One aim is to hold on school-running orientation with localization and applicability, and speed up building application-oriented local higher education institution with distinct characteristics. Two strategies are talents developing strategy and industry-education integration strategy. Three developments are to promote the characteristic, synergetic and classification developments. He stressed that we must adhere to serving the demands of local social and economic development as a basic direction. It can be shown that as a local university, Yuncheng University has ¡°local¡± superiority and ¡°local¡± features, and our school can gain a wider development space, only when we integrate the advantages of our subjects and majors with the demands of economic and social development in Shanxi, Henan and Shaanxi Provinces to serve the local places actively. In 2017, our university will mainly pay attention to nine aspects of tasks. I. Carry out ¡°Project 1331¡± with all our strength. II. Carry forward comprehensive reform thoroughly. III. Try our best to fulfill appraisal review and evaluation. IV. Take positive and effective measures for the construction of discipline groups and majors for master¡¯s degree. V. Accomplish the structural adjustment and optimization of disciplines and specialty. VI. Endeavor in cultivating model of applied-type talents. VII. Promote teachers¡¯ construction level steadily. VIII. Do ideological and political work with all our strength. IV. Pay close attention to students¡¯ and teachers¡¯ life and services and make efforts to build harmonious campus. He made three requirements for doing the work well. Firstly, we need high stance to make great efforts for forming a good situaition with a unified thought and the same steps. Secondly, we need high standard to build a problem-based and achievement-based working concept. Thirdly, we need high efficiency to form the quick and practicable work culture. Under the leadership of University Party Committee, serving local economic and social development as a basic direction, he called on all the staff in the university to catch the good opportunities and face all difficulties for striving the best to make progress, speed up building application-oriented local higher education institution with distinct characteristics, and welcome the holding of 19th National People¡¯s Congress with excellent performance.
During the meeting, all delegates listened to and examined President Liang¡¯s report and Planning and Finance Office Deputy Director Zhu Haiyun¡¯s ¡°Financial Report¡±. We all offered constructive advice and suggestions from the perspective of professional building, talent training, teaching staff construction, cooperation and exchange, construction of campus culture, improvement of students¡¯ and teachers¡¯ life and services, etc.
The second phase was chaired by Feng Ruiming, Deputy Secretary of University Party Committee. All delegates voted by raising hands, examined and adopted president¡¯s work report and financial report.
As last, Yao Jihuan, University Party Secretary of the Communist Party gave an important speech. He firmly affirmed our meeting¡¯s effect and all delegates¡¯ work, gave warm congratulations for the holding of this meeting on behalf of the Party Committee and conference presidium, and expressed his sincere thanks to all delegates¡¯ hard working. After the meeting, the delegates¡¯ advice and suggestiongs will be considered and studied and put into them into practice actively. For putting the thoughts of this Teacher¡¯s Representative Committee into practice, Yao pointed out two suggestions. Firstly, we should continue to strengthen democratic political construction with higher stance and correct orientation. All leaders in our university should study deeply and enhance the ideological understanding for Teacher¡¯s Representative Committee; all delegates should have a sense of ownership, and fulfil delegating responsibility carefully; we should do the work well under the adherence to the Party¡¯s leadership and principle of democratic centralism. The labor union and its officials should do their duty and own work as our trusted ¡°Faculty¡¯s Home¡± and ¡°Mothers¡¯ Family¡±. Secondly, we should clear up our mind and concentrate on the crucial points to make sure all tasks in 2017 be fulfilled with high standard. Firstly, we should grasp the strategy of running a university----¡°One Direction, Two Insistence¡±. ¡°One Direction¡± is to insist on socialist orientation for running a school. ¡°Two Insistence¡±is to insist to the Party¡¯s leadership and the transformation system. Secondly, we should firmly insist on ¡°deepening the comprehensive reform¡±, and in 2017 we mainly accomplish adjustment and optimazation for discipline structure, reform of talents training mode, and management and institution. Thirdly, we should let the leaders play the leading role. All the leaders should be the first to study and improve, solve the difficult problems, and strive for best. Fourthly, we should fully mobilize all the leaders¡¯and teachers¡¯ initiative and creative to gain all strength of progress and development in our university. He said with a deep emotion that to achieve Yuncheng University¡¯s new goals of development, we need the fighting spirit, confidence, dedication and devotion for a long time. He hoped that the staff unite as one, work together to seize the opportunities to make progress, with great enthusiasm and tireless efforts to join the cause of the development and reform, and make great efforts to welcome a beautiful tomorrow of Yuncheng University.
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