April 6,2017
Wang Yuyan, the Secretary of CPC Yuncheng Municipal Committee, Visited Yuncheng University

Wang Yuyan, the secretary of Yuncheng CPC Municipal Committee, and her delegation of about 20 officers, visited Yuncheng University on 28th March, a sunny and warm spring day. The leaders of YCU, Yao Jihuan, Liang Yongping, Feng Ruiming, Liu Ziqiang, Li Shenming, He Zhengyun, Huang Jieyu, accompanied the delegation.
Yao Jihuan, the Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, introduced to Wang Yuyan the leaderships of YCU. Wang first visited CPC activity room of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, YCU, and asked about the arrangement of political study activities for the Party members. Du Quanzhong, the secretary of the Party Branch of the department, answered Wang¡¯s questions. And Yao stated that the Party Central Committee attaches great importance on the construction and development of the primary party organizations in college after the national meeting on the Ideology and Politic Education in colleges. He said the secretary of the Party Branch in university departments should pay attention to the party development, and at the same time should be an education expert as well. Wang spoke highly of the achievements on the party building in YCU.
In the library, Wang talked with the staff to know about the resources and reading habits of the students in the hall on the second floor. She also examined the use of automatic borrowing system, electronic reading machine, and electronic newspapers and periodicals on-line reading. ¡°It is so convenient to read so many papers. And even today Shanxi Daily is available.¡± She said, ¡°You can also read papers of the past.¡± Then she turned to her delegation and said: ¡°we should learn from them, and we can also build such a reading system.¡± Yao further said that the university library would further open its education resources, starting from the library resources, to build YCU as a theme park on Hedong Culture. Wang said it was so good that YCU localized its work and development.
Wang also offered suggestions on how to strengthen network security, and thus to improve political education on college students after visiting Network Information Center. She expressed to Secretary Yao and President Liang her will to further strengthen cooperation between the government and YCU, and said that the government would help to solve the problems in the development of YCU, and would work together with the university to make it better in the future.



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