May 2,2017
Youthful Vitality Shown in 15th Track and Field Games of Yuncheng University

At 7:30 on April 21st, the opening ceremony of the 15th Track and Field Games of Yuncheng University raised the curtain in the Shiji Shuguang Stadium. University leaders Yao Jihuan, Liang Yongping, Zhang Fengqin, Feng Ruiming, Liu Ziqiang, He Zhengyun, and Huang Jieyu attended the opening ceremony. All the athletes, referees, and the meeting committees, as well as Party Secretaries and Deans and teachers of the teaching departments and students, watched the grand opening show.
The delegations of each department welcomed the leaders and the teachers and students in orderly pace in the rhythm of youth. Elegance and dignity of the teachers were jogtrotted by the female teachers in cheongsam in the opening ceremony. Zhang Fengqin, Deputy Secretary of the university Party, stated that physical education and advocacy of exercising have been an important work in Yuncheng University. Under the ¡°human-centeredness¡± philosophy of schooling, YCU strengthened the physical education, which enriched our culture on campus, and furnished life as well as vigor to the development of University. She hoped that all the students can show the spirit of work in earnest during and after the sports meeting, and make contributions to the development of YCU¡¯s 13th five plan, thus to make YCU a distinctive local application-oriented university.
The art performance began from the drum and dance by students of Department of Physics & Electronics, combining the drum, fan and lantern made the dance specifically unique. Graceful dance and changeable formation fascinated the audience again and again, with youthful vigor beaten in energetic dance, charm of Chinese Kungfu in the strength and grace of Taichi, masculinity shown in skills imitating special troops, and combination of exotic and folk culture. At last, in the rhythm of ¡°This Is Where China Originates From¡±, female teachers in cheongsam jogtrotted into the stage, with elegance and grace on their faces, presenting the audience a Chinese monochrome. With the charming appearance and personality, they showed special charm of female intellectuals.
There were more than 30 sports this year. The athletes strived with their confidence and hard work to overcome the hot weather. ¡°Ready¡­¡± Even before the games began, tense atmosphere pervaded the stadium. With the signal of the judge, the players flew one by one like an arrow up on the runway of 100 meters, 200 meters, 800 meters, 1500 meters race. Players waiting anxiously in their positions during 4 ¡Á 100 and 4 ¡Á 400 meters relay, and tried their best to win the game. With a wave at the shot put, a new record was made. The long distance running of 3000 and 5000 meters attracted the most eyes as before. The runners challenged their physical limits. ¡°Challenging limits is your dream, go and race against yourself.¡± Audience cheered all the way along. ¡°At that time, you just felt it is impossible to hold on for another minute,¡± Zhou Zhiying, the winner of the 300 meters running said, ¡°but meanwhile, you also knew that you were not going to give up¡±.
There are altogether 2175 participators in the 15th games and 4 racing records were set for 8 times. Department of Economy & Management, Department of Life Sciences, and Department of Mechanical & Electronic won the top three in team total score. Department of Mechanical & Electronic, Department of Economy & Management and Department of Physics and Electronics won the top three in man¡¯s competition of Group A, and Department of Economy & Management, Department of Life Sciences and Department of Physics and Electronics won the first three places in women¡¯s competition of Group A. Classes 1503, 1602 and 1504 won the first three in man¡¯s competition of Group B, and Grades 2016 and 2014 won the first two in women¡¯s competition of Group B.
On the afternoon of April 23rd, the Track and Field Games lowered the curtain. Party committee member, vice president Huang Jieyu addressed in the closing speech: although the three-day Games came to an end soon, the cause ¡°to advocate sports and build a healthy campus¡± will never end. He hoped all students to cultivate healthy consciousness, and to form the habit of excising in order to show their youth and vigor. He hoped the Olympic spirit could be extended in our future learning, working and life, thus to make greater contribution to the development of YCU.


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