September 19,2017
Yuncheng University Celebrates the 33rd Teacher¡¯s Day and Commendation Conference Is Held
Teachers devote their youth and passion on three feet platforms, and release their life potential on the ideological and political battlefield. At 9:00 a.m. on September 9th, Yuncheng University celebrated the 33rd Teacher¡¯s Day and Commendation Conference is held in Hedong Lecture Hall. School leaders Yao Jixuan, Xue Yaowen, Zhang Fengqin, Feng Ruiming, Li Shenming, He Zhengyun and Huang Jieyu attended the meeting. The prize winners, office heads, the representatives of teachers, students and retired teachers attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Yao Jihuan, secretary of the Party committee.
After the majestic national anthem, Zhang Fengqin, deputy secretary of the Party committee, read out ¡°The Decision on Commending the Model Teachers and Advanced Workers in 2016¡±, and 56 outstanding teachers and advanced workers, such as Gong Qiang and Ma Haijun, won the award. Party committee member, vice president Huang Jieyu read out the names in the unit and staff list which has made outstanding achievements from September 2016 in teaching and scientific research, and Chen Huarong and other teachers and the Department of Life Sciences are on the list. The school leaders issued certificates of honor to them.
Yuan Shaochong, model teacher representative, teacher of Chinese Department, told us the duty and responsibility as an intellectual, and declared the decision of finding the real problems and doing the real research in practice. Yao Chenzhong, representative of the teachers with excellent scientific research achievements, from Department of Applied Chemistry, shared his feelings and experiences in scientific research work, and he hoped that he leads the team in the teaching and research work, at the same time he can make a positive contribution for the industrialization of science and technology. Wu Fan, student representative, from Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department thanked the teachers¡¯ teaching and guidance in his own way of growth, and expressed his greetings and blessings to all teachers.
The president Xue Yaowen, deputy secretary of the Party committee, representative of the Party committee and the administration staff, gave the Teacher¡¯s Day¡¯s greetings, warm congratulations, heartfelt thanks and high respect to the faculty and staff who work hard in teaching, scientific research, management and service, to the old teachers, leaders and comrades who have made great contributions to reform and development of our school, to all the commended teachers. He stressed that teachers play the most important role in the school, and for a university, the teachers represents the core competitiveness of the school. Good teachers build good schools. The construction of teachers with professional ethics and excellent teaching skills is the consistent expectation and pursuit of school Party committee and administration, and is the forever theme, center and goal of our work. Therefore, he stressed two suggestions. Firstly, all teachers should strive to be the students¡¯ guides. He hopes that all teachers should adhere to their ideal, belief, and core value to be the guides of students who will dedicate themselves to motherland and serve the society; all teachers should stick to moral sentiments and practice what we advocate to be the guides of students who will build character and be cultivated to talents; all teachers should adhere to rigorous scholarship and have wide wisdom to be the guides of students who acquire knowledge and have innovative thinking; all teachers should have a kind heart and persist in selfless dedication to be guides of students who can inherit great love and grow healthily. Secondly, we do a good job of teachers¡¯ construction, especially young teachers¡¯. He hoped that the whole school knows the difficulties of young teachers¡¯ development from the perspective of long-term development of our university, to explore the form of reform for evaluating and employment of teachers¡¯ professional titles, perfect and simplify the discipline orientation, arrange application of project as soon as possible, improve teachers¡¯ working environment with less disturbance and no troubles, make great efforts to solve problems for young teachers, and support teachers to teach in peace, do research and cultivate students with great concentration. He hopes that young teachers devote themselves to teaching and research, give pressure to themselves, make sure their mission, have ¡°motherland in their hearts, university in their eyes¡±, try to be stronger, and be excellent teachers and innovative scholars soon. Finally, he and the staff reached agreement together: do not forget our original intention and great trust to lead the way for students and welcome the 19th Session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China.
In the final speech, Yao Jihuan, the Party secretary showed the respect and heartfelt thanks to all teachers and put forward three wishes and requirements. Firstly, we should focus on the goals of school development and build a high-level teaching staff; secondly, we should adhere to strengthen moral education and cultivate talents and strive to be the good guides of students; thirdly, we should enhance cultural consciousness and further promote the construction of moral culture. He said affectionately that ¡°teacher¡± is neither just a career, nor just an address, and it is a responsibility and a mission. When we celebrate 33rd Teacher¡¯s Day, let us join hands, love and devote to teaching, teach and educate students, be diligent and pragmatic, determine to make progress, make great efforts, to plan the new blueprint of reform and construction of Yuncheng University together by using the new look, achievements and situation to welcome 2nd Congress of Party Representatives of our university and the 19th Session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China.
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