September 30,2017
Opening Ceremony and Mobilization Conference on Military Training for Class of 2017 Held in Yuncheng University

On September 18th morning, the Opening Ceremony and Mobilization Conference on Military Training of YCU was held at the east stadium of the new campus. University heads Yao Jihuan, Xue Yaowen, Zhang Fengqin, Feng Ruiming, Li Shenming, He Zhengyun, Huang Jieyu, attended the meeting. Students of Class 2017, the department heads, secretaries, deputy secretaries, freshmen counselors and all other leaders of relevant departments were all present at the Ceremony. The opening ceremony was chaired by Yao Jihuan, the Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU.
After the National Anthem, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and President of YCU Xue Yaowen made an important speech. Firstly, President Xue expressed warm welcome to all the new members of YCU, and introduced the history of Hedong District, where the university is situated, and the history and culture of YCU by likening the university as a beautiful painting, a profound book, and a spirited song. Xue stated to the students that genuine excellence comes from autonomous, conscientious, and independent action. The only secret to success is to be self-disciplinary, unafraid of hardship, and strenuous. He asked students to value the importance of study to advance core competence, to value virtue and cultivate themselves to practice the socialist core values, and to pledge their devotion to improve their ability of execution. In the end, Xue encouraged students that university life is not a passive one for relaxation, not to be spent. It is there waiting for blossoming, and youth is a time of striving. He wished all the student should have a meaningful time in the following four years through their hard-working.
At the Opening Ceremony, Professor Yang Yongbing from Department of Music, offered students guidance how to spend the four-year university life. The students¡¯ representative, Wang Zhen from Department of Computer Science & Technology, shared his experiences at the university. And the freshman representative, Li Bingbing from the Department of Chinese, expressed the determination to pursue her dream by reasonable planning of her university life.
The second phase of the conference, the mobilization conference on military training, was hosted by Huang Jieyu, Party Committee member and Vice President of YCU. Zhang Fengqin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU and military training group leader, Zhu Weimin, Head of War Readiness Office of Yuncheng Military Sub-district, Qi Quanzhong, Party Committee member of Yanhu District and Minister of People¡¯s Armed Forces Department of Yanhu District, An Guiming, Head of Political Office of Yuncheng Armed Police Detachment, Huo Haiqiang, Chief of Discipline of Fire Department of Yuncheng Public Security Bureau, attended the conference.
Lu Huiru, the training students¡¯ representative, said they would respect instructors, obey orders, learn to grow through training, and carry forward the fine training tradition, so as to lay profound foundation for their future study and life. Guo Ning, the instructors¡¯ representative, promised seriously that they would train scientifically, require strictly and be conscientious and responsible to set a good example for the students, and would complete the military training with a good solider image and excellent military style.
An Guiming, Head of Political Office of Yuncheng Armed Police Detachment hoped that all the members concerned should deepen their understanding of the importance of the training with a righteous attitude, and train hard with a strict standard, and enhance discipline in unity and collaboration.
Zhang Fengqin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU and military training group leader, asked all the staff concerned, including the instructors and students should bear in mind the significance of military training, thus righteous attitudes and high spirits can be obtained in practice. All the instructors should carry forward the fine tradition of People¡¯s Liberation Army and act as models for the students. And all the political instructors and other officers should be devoted to their duties. Security management should be guaranteed to make the training go smooth. She hoped that all the students in their future university life would get outstanding achievement by striving to fulfill their aspirations, pursuing new knowledge with stamina and diligence, putting what they learn into practice with great resolution and determination. She also hoped that all the students would work hard to realize the Chinese Dream of the great renewal of the Chinese nation throughout their life.

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