January 12,2018
“Red Boat Spirit” Thematic Party Day Activity Held at YCU
To further study and promote the “Red Boat Spirit”, and to further implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and carry forward activities with practical actions, the general Party branches of YCU held “Red Boat Spirit” thematic Party Day by collective learning, thematic party class, and revision of CCP oath.
In the afternoon of January 9, the Fourth Party Branch of Administration Department held “Red Boat Spirit” Thematic Party Day Activity through collective study at Meeting room 1314. Yao Jihuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, attended the activity as a ordinary Party member. Yao expressed in his speech that Party members should meticulously study President Xi’s exposition on the “Red Boat Spirit”, grasp the value of the “Red Boat Spirit” at the present time, remain steadfast in their communist faith, apply the spirit in our university development, thus to make YCU a top-level application-oriented local university. The Branch Secretary Zhang Qingwen introduced the background of the “Red Boat Spirit” and its connotation, and lead the members study the article Enhancing the Red Boat Spirit, Stand at the Head of the Time in Guang Ming Daily by Xi Jinping when he was the Party Secretary of Zhenjiang Province.
In the afternoon of January 8, the Second Party Branch of Administration Department held “Red Boat Spirit” Thematic Party Day Activity at Meeting room 1505. Zhang Yumin, Secretary of YCU Committee for Discipline Inspection and all the Party members took part in the activity. The Branch Secretary Cheng Shunzhen lead all study the important article of President Xi Jinping. After the study, all the members took the CCP oath under the red Party Flag to review the words.
On January 8, the five -Sub-branches of the party of the Department of Chinese organized the study activity of President Xi’s Article with all the Party members from teacher staff and students attendant. The Department Branch Secretary Du Quanzhong gave a thematic lecture on How to Enhance the Red Boat Spirit at the Present Time in CPC activity room.
Other Party Branches of YCU Party Committee held the activity via various forms as well. The study activity made the party members stand steadfast in their faith, clarified the duties and responsibilities of a Party member, and they expressed the will to carry forward the spirit in their daily work, thus to realize the goal put forward at the 19th CPC National Congress, and the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.  

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