February 13,2018
YCU Leaders Visited Staff at Work

Some were still at work to guarantee the security and regular work of the university when the country were immersed in the atmosphere of the Spring Festival and Reunion. On February 13 morning, university leaders Li Shenming and He Zhengyun, with leaders from Office of Party and Administration, personnel Department, Logistics Department and Security Section, extended regards and festival concerns to those who are still at work.
University leaders and the delegation visited Nanfeng Students Apartment Building No. 5, Campus environment Service Centre, Service Centre of Water, Electricity & Heat Supply, Classroom Manage Centre, Security Section and Mail Room. The leaders acquainted the working conditions and expressed gratitude to the staff, and said that difficulties in their work should be eliminated via instant communication to make sure the security and stability of the university.
Equipment need maintenance, and the campus should be guarded during vacation when the logistic departments are at their busiest time. The staff worked hard day and night to guarantee the harmonious and stable campus environment. The worker were gluing the Spring Festival couplets on the cleaned door when our reporters entering the Campus environment Service Centre. í░Protecting environment makes a pretty scenery, beatifying campus gives a charming worldí▒. The red couplets shine the Spring Festival atmosphere, and is a voice of the workersí» love for our university and our country.

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