April 23,2018
Party Committee Secretary Yao Jihuan Investigated Poverty Relief Work in Pinglu County
Yao Jihuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, went to villages Xiqi and Dongqi, Buguan Town of Pinglu County to investigate poverty relief work on April 19, with the company of Feng Ruiming, County CPC Standing Committee Member, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Pinglu, and Head of the Poverty Relief Group. The two villages are the poverty relief aid objects of YCU. Secretary Yao held a symposium with Guo Hong, Secretary of the County Committee, and Pei Xianghong, Minister of the County Organization Ministry, to discuss how to relive poverty of the two villages.
Yao, together with his delegation, exchanged opinions on poverty relief with Secretary Guo Hong at the meeting room in the County Hotel. Guo expressed his thanks to YCU for their support and help for years, and hoped that YCU could provide support on teaching staff training, mandarin promotion and construction of spiritual civilization to the aid objects. Yao said YCU would spare no efforts in poverty relief work, bringing culture to the countryside, and help the local hold Zhou Cang Culture Festival.
Afterwards, Yao talked with village cadres about the progress of the aid projects at the village committees. He inquired the loss of peach in frost, and went to fields to examine the loss, and suggested to the village cadres to start training to help those farmer work in town to improve their income.
Yao also went to know the living conditions of workers of the poverty relief group in their dormitory, canteen. Yao said he was pleased to see that the staff worked hard to help villagers shake off poverty and encouraged all to help villagers solve difficulties and build New Socialist Countryside.

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