June 27,2018
YCU Department of Elementary Education Founded
Ceremony of the foundation of YCU Department of Elementary Education was held at Wenzheng Building on 26 June, with university leaders Xue Yaowen, Feng Ruiming and Huang Jieyu present. Leaders from related departments, staff from Department of Education and Psychology attended the ceremony.
The department was brought into existence with the deepening of the sustaining development and discipline and specialty improvement. Deputy Secretary Feng Ruiming declared the establishment of the Department of Elementary Education and the appointment of leaders. Cai Lizhi was appointed as the dean and Zhang Jinzheng and Li Yacui vice dean.
Guo hongxia, the dean of Department of Education and Psychology, said that her department would cooperate with the new department to implement the strategy of “two developments in one demonstration”. Representative of administrative departments Sun Peixun, dean of Planning and Finance Department, said that they would offer service to the teaching and academic research of YCU, especially to the new department. The new leader Cai Lizhi said the establishment of the department was based on the earlier foundation, and they would attach great importance to the stress point, the system building, cooperation to make a better tomorrow of the department.
President Xue Yaowen gave an important speech, in which he said the establishment of the department is an important measure in realizing the strategy of “two developments in one demonstration” and is also an optimized conformity of teaching and education resources as well as a need of standard university management. On behalf of the Party Committee and Administration, he expressed congratulations on the establishment of the new department. He hoped that the department could strengthen management, improve further education of teachers and staff construction, and get achievements in these aspects. He also asked departments concerned to offer support for the development of the new department, thus to do a better and distinctive job in further education of teachers.
At last, President Xue and deputy Secretary Feng unveiled the nameplate of the Department of Elementary Education, which symbolize its official establishment.

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