October 16,2018
Central Group of Party Committee Holds Enlarged Learning Conference

On the morning of September 12th, the Central Group of the Party Committee held an enlarged learning conference in Conference Room 1505 of the Administration Building. Members of the Central Group of the Party Committee and the Party Committee and the secretaries of the Party branches took part in the conference. The conference was hosted by Yao Jihuan, Secretary of the Party committee of the university.
The participants firstly learned the conference spirit of the 2018 National Conference on Propaganda and Ideological Work. Led by Ma Pengjuan, vice Dean of the Department of Propaganda, the participants learned the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech from the following three aspects: first, the historic achievements and historical changes of the Party’s propaganda and ideological work since the 18th National Congress of the CPC; second, to do a good job of propaganda and ideological work under the new situation, we must consciously undertake the tasks of holding up the banner, gathering people’s hearts, educating people of new age, and showing the image of China; third, six key words should be understood accurately in propaganda and ideological work, such as central stage, strategic task, important duty, lifeline, Chinese story and the Party’s overall leadership. She also introduced their thinking and focus of the Propaganda Department in implementing the spirit of the conference. Then she led all the participants to learn Xi Jinping’s letter of reply to 8 senior professors from China Central Academy of Fine Arts. In the letter, Xi Jinping extended his sincere greetings to the professors and expressed his ardent expectations for doing a good job in aesthetic education and carrying forward the spirit of Chinese aesthetic education.
After that, Secretary Yao Jihuan led them to learn the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech at the National Education Congress. General Secretary Xi stressed that we should adhere to the road of socialist education with Chinese characteristics, and train socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and labor. Secretary Yao summed up the spirit of Xi’s speech from three aspects: speaking from the importance of education, education is an important cornerstone of national rejuvenation and social progress, a moral project of great merit and benefit in the contemporary era and the future generations, a great plan of the state and the Party. In terms of the fundamental task and main objective of education, the main task is to train socialist builders and successors. The main objective is to gather people’s hearts, improve personality, develop manpower, cultivate talents and benefit mankind. In terms of the fundamental adherence to education, we should follow the “nine persistence”: we should adhere to the Party’s overall leadership over the cause of education; the fundamental task of establishing morality and cultivating people; giving priority to the development of education; the socialist educational orientation; developing education rooted in China; the people-centered development of education; deepening education reform and innovation; serving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as an important mission of education; and insist on construction of teachers as a basic work. Secretary Yao Jihuan urged all to study the spirit of the National Conference on Propaganda and Ideology and the National Education Congress, deepen their understanding of the “nine persistence” and the “five missions” in the propaganda work, and comprehensively understand the importance of education, the fundamental tasks and objectives of education, and the fundamental adherence to the work of education. At the same time, the spirit of the conference should be fully grasped and applied to truly improve the standard of education management and education through services and serve for the development of socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and labor.
Secretary Yao Jihuan also made arrangements for the study of the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 11th Session of the Provincial Party Committee for the General Party Branches.

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