December 24,2018
Meeting with Experts of the Evaluation by Ministry of Education on Undergraduate Teaching Held at YCU
According to the arrangement by Ministry of Education, PRC, experts of the evaluation on undergraduate teaching, led by Professor Xiong Jianmin fro Hubei University, came into YCU and began their four-day long investigation on 5 November.
Other experts include Professor Liu Chen from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Professor Ding Zhongtao from Yunnan University, Professor Gao Chenghui from Fuzhou University, Professor Zhao Donghai from Inner Mongolia Normal University, Professor Gao Dongsheng From Shandong Agriculture University, Professor Zhou Ying from Henan Polytechnic University, Professor Lu Xianxiang from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Professor Li Rong from South China Normal University, Professor Wu Hui from Shanghai Customs College, and Professor Yan Yalin from Northwest University of Political Science and Law, as well as He Fang, Project Administrator of the experts group, from Choangqing University, and Meng Xiangbo, secretary of the experts group, from Ocean University of China.
 The meeting was held at Room 1515 of Administration Building On the morning of 5, November. Ren Yuezhong, Member of the Party Leadership Group and deputy director-general of the Education Department of Shanxi province, Xu Yanzhang, chief education supervisor from the Department Supervision Office, Yao Jihuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, Xue Yaowen, deputy secretary and President, YCU, and other university leaders, as well as department leaders of YCU attended were present. The meeting was hosted by professor Xiong Jianmin.
Yao Jihuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, gave a welcoming speech. He also expressed thanks to the experts and leaders. He said evaluation on the undergraduate education is a comprehensive test of YCU, as well as a great opportunity to improve school-running and to promote the development of YCU. He expected to master the strategic requirements in the National Education Conference more accurate with the guidance from the experts, thus to carry out the spirits from National College Ideological and Political Work Conference and National Conference of Undergraduate Education in the New Era, and to adhere to the “locality, application-orientation and teaching-orientation”. He asked all the staff to utilize the opportunity to help YCU develop.
Xiong Jinmin first gave an introduction of the evaluation, and pointed out that the evaluation was initiated by Ministry of Education based on several official to help universities with its orientation identification and establishment, talent-cultivation focus-enhancement, further construction of quality assurance system, thereby promoting the connotative construction and characteristic development and the ability to provide service for the development of the local economic. He said the evaluation is a test of the university based on the orientation and standards set by itself, is a check of the implementation of the standards in administration and teaching and research, as well as providing qualified talents and service for the development of the local society and economic. Problems and suggestions will be offered after through understanding and objective judgement of YCU after survey of the class, interview with students and teachers, graduation thesis and  testing papers investigation, and symposium communication.
 Ren Yuezhong, deputy director-general of the Education Department of Shanxi province, also expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks to the experts. He said that the provincial government has been attaching great importance to the development of education, and educational policies were executed strictly and thoroughly by the Provincial Working Committee and Provincial Department of Education to stimulate the development of the education in Shanxi Province. He then introduced the development of YCU to the experts in educational and teaching reform, discipline construction, practical teaching, talent cultivation and teacher staff development. He asked YCU to understand deeply the significance of this evaluation and to accept it with a right attitude and an open mind, considering the evaluation as a opportunity to identify and solve problems existed, to improve the the overall level of running a university. He also hoped that the experts would gave a detailed evaluation on the development of YCU based on the plan, and then invaluable suggestions could be offered to help YCU with its further development.
President Xue Yaowen gave a report o the basis of self-evaluation report with the topic of Building a Hedong Characteristic Qualified and Application-Oriented Local University. He firstly introduced the university’s profile and its development, school-running orientation and it development, and development objectives and ideals. He then explained in detail these three aspects. Firstly, he introduced the history of YCU, the achievements and excellent teachers and graduates, the the contributions made to the development of the local economic and society in the 40 years development of YCU. Xue then explained the running orientation in detail. At last, Xue explained the key words in YCU’s orientation. Locality means to exploit the cultural treasure and apply it in talent cultivation, and to relate the teaching and research with the development of agriculture, light industry, cultural tourism, as well as to develop teacher’s training based on the needs of local elementary education development. He then said that the connotative construction and promotion of undergraduate teaching quality still has a long way to go. Requirements in the National Education Conference and spirits from National College Ideological and Political Work Conference and National Conference of Undergraduate Education in the New Era and Undergraduate Education Working Conference should be carried out thoroughly to give YCU a sustainable development.
After the meeting, the experts gave a tour of observation on campus, with the company of YCU leaders. Firstly they came into Hualei Building and enjoyed the drawings and design selections of students from the Department of Fine Art and Design. The students also shew their printings of ex libris.
The group then visited Electronics Assembly Lab and Printed Circuit Technology Lab and had a short talk with Wang Longji, Guest Professor of YCU, Honorary General Secretary of China Printed Circuit Association in Libing Building.
Afterwards, they came into Jingshi Building and visited the robot team and Mechanical Engineering Training Center of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department of and Pottery Lab of the Department of Fine Art and Design. They watched the performance of Wushu by the robots and kilns burn in pottery-making.
At last, the experts group visited Grand Hedong Hall and listened to the cultivation mode and watched rehearsal performance of Pu Opera (Puju) by students from Department of Music. Yao Jihuan then gave an introduction of the design idea and building style and the naming of the road on campus with the assistance of the scale model. Experts also visited out-of-class activities to have a general evaluation of the campus culture, social practice and science design.
In the following days, the experts will have a in-depth and comprehensive investigation of YCU through the class, in-depth interview, on-spot survey, consulting graduating papers/design, testing papers and various symposiums.
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