March 18,2019
Thorough Security Check of YCU in the Beginning of New Semester
On the morning of 24, February, two groups of officers of Security and Safeguard Department, under the leadership of Li Shenming, vice president of YCU, executed thorough check of problems in security assurance in various important departments of YCU with the guidance of the work arrangement proposed at the Deployment Meeting of Semester Beginning Work and the notice for Shanxi Provincial Education Department about security check at all schools.
 The importance of security cannot be overestimated. the two groups carried out the check with clear tasks, and meticulous investigation of potential safety hazards was conducted in the library, training center, comprehensive service building, canteen, and studentsí» dormitory building, switch board house, and boiler room. The groups checked out the security facilities as fire equipment, natural gas pipeline, pressure vessel, and evacuation exit, as well as cautions and records of daily security check in the places concerned.
Vice president Li Shenming asked that all the potential hazards investigated should be eliminated as soon as possible, and those can not be eliminated in time should be recorded and submitted to departments concerned for collaborative elimination in time, to ensure that all the potential security hazards should be eliminated in important departments of YCU, and security accidents should be prevented to provide all the staff and students a safe place to work and study.

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