March 18,2019
The Conference Held to Assess YCUí»s Construction Plan as An Institution Offering Masters Degree
Entrusted by the Academic Degrees Committee of Shanxi Provincial People's Government, Shanxi Provincial Education Department , experts from the provincial evaluation group of the construction plans of institutions offering Masters Degree discussed YCUí»s construction plan. The conference was hosted by Zhao Rui, Head of the Section of Degrees Administration and Graduate Education.
The experts group was leaded by Li Jinbi, Committee Member of the Provincial Academic Degrees, and Head of the Section of Higher Education, Li Hongquan, Vice President of Shanxi Agriculture University, Zhang Zhiqiang, Head of Vocational Education of the Provincial Education Department, Chan Guowei, Head of Research Section of Industrial Economy of Developmental Research Centre of the Peopleí»s Government of Shanxi Province. Li Xiaobo, researcher from the Science and Technology Section of the Provincial Education Department was among the member of the experts group, and Doctor Li Kun from Office of  Academic Degrees was also present.
The conference was held on the morning of 6 January. All the experts were present, as well we Yao Jihuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, Xue Yaowen, President of YCU, Zhang Fengqin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, and Huang Jieyu, vice President of YCU. Other leaders from sections of YCU were also present, including Department of Science, Technology and Industry, Personnel Department, Department of Cooperation and Exchange, Developmental Planning Department, Planning and Finance Department. The Director and Leader of YCU Master Degree Construction project attended the conference.
Secretary Yao Jihuan gave a welcoming speech at the conference first. On behalf of the party, the administration, and all the teachers and students of YCU, Yao issued a warm welcome and sincere thanks to the experts for their forthcoming guidance and suggestions. He then introduced the development in the scale, space of YCU and the connotation development of YCU since its upgrading to a 4-year university, as well as three significant achievements and 2 accomplishments in 2018, explained the implementation of the policies proposed at the Second Teacherí»s Congress of YCU. Yao said YCU will spare no efforts to develop itself as an institution offering Masters Degree by reconstructing the system so as to increase cohesion.
Zhao Rui explained the background, requirements and cautions of the conference. He pointed out that the discussion of the construction plan is a basic requirement and a compulsory practise, and the aim of the discussion is to define the direction, aim and main goals for the development of the institutions concerned in the next 2 or 3 years, providing guidance for the development of the universities, and facilitating the achievement of the basic requirements of the construction, as well as rectification in the construction process. He further stated that the most important requirements in the construction of Maters Degree institution are the ratios of teachers with a Doctoral Degree, those with a Masterí»s Degree, and the teacher-student ratio, annual average scientific research funds of teachers and annual average education expense for students. He said that YCU should attach great importance to the construction work and implement the construction plan and promissory note.
After Xue Yaowen, the president of YCU, introduced of the background, requirements, guiding ideas, and principles and aims of the construction,  experts offered valuable suggestions concerning the system construction, talent introduction, compaction of discipline orientation, collaborative innovation with enterprises, training characteristic objectives. Specific improvement suggestions concerning the orientation and characteristics of YCU are also offered.
In the end, Xue said that YCU will benefit from the construction in its education quality improvement and system transformation, stability of talents troop, change school ideology and improvement of talents nurturing, which is necessary step in YCUí»s development. The university will continue to strive for further development.  First, discipline construction is a way to improve teacherí»s teaching and research ability, provide service for undergraduate education in a higher level, to develop the characteristics of YCU. Second, system construction is a safeguard for the implementation of the construction plan and other policies. Thirdly, make-up of the short stave is an important starting point to carry froward the connotation development. He stated that YCU will not let down the provincial government and Provincial Party Committee, as well as the Provincial Education Department, and will unite as one to ensure the implementation of construction, to carry forward further development of YCU.

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