April 22,2019
Industry-Academy Collaboration Synergistic Education Projects of YCU Approved by the Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education of PRC has released the list of the second Industry-Academy Collaboration Synergistic Education Projects recently, and 11 projects proposed by YCU have been approved, which include emerging engineering education, revolution of teaching content and curriculum system, teacher training, providing practise condition and building of training base, and reform in entrepreneurship training.
Industry-Academy Collaboration Synergistic Education Projects are established by Ministry of Education to carry out the principles and spirits in Opinions on the Implementation of the Reform in Entrepreneurship Training in Higher Education Institutions by the General Office of the State Council and Suggestions on Deepening the Industry-Academy Collaboration by the General Office of the State Council, thus to provide support for universities in their research projects of specialty comprehensive reform and entrepreneurship training reform through deep industry-academy collaboration, business-university cooperation, innovation in industry-academy synergistic education mechanism, and assembly of enterprise resources of famous companies. The project aims at building bridges between universities and companies so as to encourage participation of companies in education and teaching reform in universities, promoting the reform of curriculum system and teaching content, teacher training, practise condition and  training base building according to the latest demands of industry development and technical progress.
The approval of the 11 projects is another breakthrough since the 5 projects approved in 2018. The implementation of these projects will further promote the industry-academy collaboration, university-business cooperation, and thus to promote specialty connotation construction, improve practical teaching conditions and upgrade talent cultivation.
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