May 27,2019
Safety Risk Survey Conducted and the Construction of Shanxi Provincial Safe Campus 2018 Reexamined in YCU by Shanxi Provincial Education Department
On 16, April, risk of safety and stability work was surveyed, and Construction of Shanxi Provincial Safe Campus 2018 was reexamined in YCU by Li Qiang, inspection team leader of Shanxi Provincial Safe Campus construction and vice president of Changzhi University with his his party.
The first stage is a briefing meeting at Room 1505 of the Administrative Building. The meeting was hosted by Yao Jihuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, with university leaders Xue Yaowen, president of YCU, Li Shenming, vice president of YCU, and leader from the Office of the Party & Administrative Affairs, Labor Union, Youth League Committee, Department of Students Affairs, and Safety and Security Department were all present.
Yao firstly expressed warm welcome to the inspection team, and introduced the development of YCU in its 40 years history and the achievements in connotation construction. He also explained to the team YCU’s comprehensive development planning accumulated in its development under the leadership of the Party, including the overall strategy of “one orientation and two aspects of construction” in school running, the novel ideology of “three leapfrogs and four principles” in revolution and development, and the new measure of “five deployments and six projects” in policy implementation.
President Xue reported the safety and security work done in YCU. Firstly, the safe and security was attached great importance by both the Party and the Administration of YCU. The responsibility of the work was made clear, and anti-gangdom crime work was carried out with great resolution, monthly report of the safety and security work was conducted as well, financial support was also assorted. Secondly, comprehensive safe and security education was carried out in class, psychological health education, and safe and security theme education activities were also held. Thirdly, starting with fire safety on campus, various measures were taken to guarantee the safety and security in students’ accommodation, and traffic on campus. In addition, 7 specific emergency plan on safe and security were worked out, 4 training and rehearsal on safety and security work were carried out. Finally, comprehensive management was enhanced. 5 special action campaigns were conducted in the last year, and cooperation with Yanhu District Public Security Bureau was established to carry out the patrol duty around and on campus. President Xue also briefed the “one vote veto” concerning safe and security work, automatic car identification system, and out-sourcing management of fire fighting equipment.
During the second stage, the inspection team interviewed some teachers and students, referred to materials and information concerned, and checked the operation of safe and security work in some vital departments of YCU.
Afterwards, the feedback was offered at Meeting-room 1505 . The team members offered suggestions on the existing issues in the operation. Li Qiang summarized by affirming the achievements of YCU in the operation of safe and security, saying that the strategy employed by the Party Committee and Administration departments was appropriate, and characteristic safety and security education culture is on its way. He also offered suggestions on the organization of the Safety and Security Department, maintenance of fire equipment, disposition of fire engine, and standardization of relative files.

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